The Lointek conceded their first setback of the course in Maloste, they could not with a powerful Valencia Basket that has only suffered one defeat all season. The Gernikarras, yes, they had their rival against the ropes. They wasted a 12 point income.

The visitors started with a part of 0-8 that the Biscayans canceled thanks to their exterior success. Up to five triples hit in the first quarter: Bjorklund, twice, Nogaye Lo, Ginzo, and Ivanovic on the horn for 21-16. The Lointek managed his lead and the rest came with 34-28 in the light.

Two triples as soon as the third period started placed 40-28, the maximum of the afternoon in Maloste, although the blackout occurred from 48-37 with 3’13 ” remaining for the conclusion of the third act. Between the inner power of Trahan Davis and Gulich and the points of Ouviña turned the contest around. It went to 50-53 with five minutes to go. A 2-16 shot in about nine minutes.

The Lointek did not give up and came back to take the lead thanks to two good baskets from Ariztimuño and Nogaye (54-53), however, Valencia still had bullets. The duel ended with a 0-6 partial led by Ouviña (16 points) and thus the Taronja team can boast of being the first to attack Maloste this season.



Cornelius (9), Bjorklund (8), Roundtree (0), Colhado (5), Buch (0) -the starting five-, Nogaye Lo (12), Arrojo (6), Ivanovic (3), Ginzo (7) and Ariztimuño (4).


Ouviña (16), Allen (2), Casas (5), Trahan Davis (12), Gulich (17) -the starting quintet-, Gómez (0), Romero (2), Juskaite (0) and Carrera (5).


21-16, 13-12, 14-15 and 6-16.


Olivares, Ríos and Colomer. There were no players eliminated for personal fouls.