• Who gave the idea of ​​having a Royal Rumble match in WWE?
  • Triple H gave the idea of ​​having an Elimination Chamber match in WWE.

The most important aspect of WWE or Pro Wrestling match is a Gimmick match and these Gimmick match fans always like it. A WWE PPV must be accompanied by a traditional singles match and multi-man match, as well as a gimmick match. Talking about WWE history, this wrestling company got to see some of the best gimmick matches whose memories are still fresh in the minds of the fans.

The Ladder Match, the Hell in a Cell Match, the Iron Man Match, and the Buried Alive Match are some of the popular gimmick matches that have been seen on WWE television during the past few decades. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the best matches of WWE and during this time we are also going to mention the superstars who gave the idea of ​​getting these gimmick matches.

5- The idea of ​​having a Royal Rumble match in WWE was by Pat Patterson.

WWE legend Pat Patterson recently died at the age of 79. Pat Patterson was the first intercontinental champion in WWE history, but the fans also remember Pat Patterson because he gave the idea to hold the Royal Rumble match. Let me tell you, Pat Patterson shared the idea of ​​the Royal Rumble match with WWE in 2016, however, Vince McMahon did not like this idea of ​​Pat at first.

After this, Vince McMahon mentioned Pat’s idea during a meeting with the US network and everyone liked the idea of ​​having a Royal Rumble match. Soon, Vince McMahon gave Pat Patterson the nod to work on the Royal Rumble match. When Pat organized the first Royal Rumble match, the fans liked this match a lot and the fans now wait for this match all year.

4- WWE legend Dusty Rhodes starts WarGames match

WWE recently organized NXT Takeover Wargames and was well received by the PPV fans. The idea of ​​making WarGames matches was from Dusty Rhodes and he had the idea to match WarGames when he was a part of WCW and the idea of ​​this match came to him while watching Mad Max: Beyond the Thunder Dome.

The first event of the Wargames match was in The Great American Bash in 1987 where Dusty Rhodes teamed up with his teammates to beat The Four Horsemen.

3- Triple H gave the idea of ​​having an Elimination Chamber match in WWE

The Elimination Chamber was organized by Eric Bisheff in WWE, however, Triple H gave the idea to hold the match. Let me tell you, Triple H gave the idea of ​​this match by making a steel cage on the backstage paper and was informed about the rules of this match.

Subsequently, in the first Elimination Chamber match in Survivor Series 2002, Triple H defended his World Title against Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho, Rob van Dam, Kane, and Booker T. Shaun Michaels became the new World Heavyweight Champion, winning the first Elimination Chamber match.

2- Bray Wyatt gave the idea of ​​having a firefly funhouse match in WWE

Bray Wyatt fought the first Firefly Funhouse match against John Cena at WWE WrestleMania 36. Although it looked more like a movie than a contest match, the WWE Universe liked the match. Later, Bray Wyatt revealed that he had given the idea to get the match done and in addition to Wyatt, John Cena and Bruce Pritchard were also involved in the production of the match.

1- Chris Jericho’s idea of ​​making money in the Bank ladder match in WWE

In 2005, during Road to WrestleMania 21, Chris Jericho gave Eric Bishuff the idea of ​​making a Money in the Bank match and Bishuff liked the idea. Jericho also talked to Vince McMahon about the match after discussing the idea with a WWE writer.

Vince McMahon also liked the idea but changed the match slightly to include the briefcase so that the winner of the match could carry the briefcase with him everywhere.