• Anger depicted over the storylines of Roman Reigns and Jay Uso. Know what you said
  • Roman Reigns and Jay Uso are together in the WWE, but last week, Roman Reigns is attacked by Jay Uso.

Following his return to SummerSlam, Roman Reigns won the Universal Championship by defeating The Find and Braun Strowman. This was followed by Roman Reign’s fuse with Jay Uso. Everyone liked these storylines. Everyone loved the character Roman Reigns with The Tribal Chief. Recently Vince Russo has given a statement regarding the storylines of Roman Reigns and Jay Uso.

Big talk about Roman Reigns and Jay Uso

Last week’s episode of SmackDown featured Roman Reigns and Jay Uso with Otis and Kevin Owens. Otis was attacked by Roman Reigns and he was eliminated from the match. Roman Reigns also became angry with Jay Uso at the end of the match. The match ended with disqualification and Kevin Owens won. Roman Reigns and Jay Uso first hit Kevin Owens after this. But later Roman Reigns killed Jay Uso with a chair.

At SportsKira Wrestling this week, Vince Russo talked about the storylines of Roman Reigns and Jay Uso. Vince Russo said,

I watch this show but I don’t know where it is going. They are now repeating things again. By showing the same thing every week, fans are reducing their eagerness. If Roman Reigns is doing this with Jay Uso then where is Jimmy Uso. He has established both these brothers. What did it do for a decade? Where is jimmy? They should be on this show. The same problem is going on at the moment. Reality should be talked about. Because of this, now these people are losing fans. This is the problem in this storyline.”

By the way, what Vince Russo has said is also correct. Because every week now the same thing is seen more in SmackDown. Roman Reigns has always been treated differently from Jay Uso. Vince Russo also rightly said that Jimmy Uso should be in this storyline now. If WWE does not correct this, then the loss is going to be considerable.