• This year of WWE’s big superstars has been very memorable in relation to relationships.
  • Many WWE Superstars got engaged this year, while some announced their relationship

Couples have largely dominated the WWE World in the last few years. Shows like Total Divas and Total Ballas have given superstars the courage to disclose their relationships in public.

Every superstar is present on social media and that is why fans also keep updated with their personal life. As a result, many superstars are unable to hide their new relationships.

Although 2020 has been a year to be forgotten for the whole world, many WWE Superstars have got the biggest happiness of their lives this year. In this article, we will look at superstars who have announced their engagement or relationship in the last 12 months.

#) WWE Superstars Andrade and Charlette Flair engaged this year

Charlotte Flair and Andrade announced in 2019 that they are in a relationship. Flair has been married and divorced before, but now it seems that he has got the perfect match as Andrade. Earlier this year, both of them announced through Instagram that they are now engaged.

The two stars did not understand the former Women’s Champion Andrade when they first went on a date a few years ago, but now both of them are ready for marriage. Andrade is also very close to Charlotte’s father Ric Flair, which has benefited their relationship. Both stars are currently away from WWE TV, but everyone is awaiting their return.

#) WWE stars Leon Ruff and Aja Smith engaged in 2020

The last few months have been very good for Leon Ruff. He defeated Johnny Gargano a few weeks ago at NXT and became the North American champion. Recently they lost this championship in NXT TakeOver Wargames. It is well known that Ruff is in a relationship with WWE Men’s Roster Referee Aja Smith.

Ruff signed a contract with WWE in October and also won his first championship. Ruff took his relationship one level further at the beginning of the month to make this year more memorable.

Aja Smith posted a great post on Twitter declaring that she had engaged with Leon Ruff and posted a photo of the ring and posted that she had said yes. This year has definitely become memorable for this couple.

#) WWE stars Vic Joseph and McKenzie Mitchell announced their relationship this year

McKenzie Mitchell has become part of the NXT Backstage Announce team over the past few months. She also appeared in the recent NXT TakeOver: WarGames. Mitchell is part of WWE The Bump’s on-air talent and is also the host of WWE Now. He gave very good news through Instagram.

McKenzie Mitchell announced that she is in a relationship with WWE star Vic Joseph. Joseph appears as a commentator on the NXT and 205 Live. Joseph also appeared briefly in the main roster. Joseph appears on NXT and 205 Live alongside Wade Barrett and Beth Phoenix.

#) WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss engaged in 2020

This year has been a great year for Alexa Bliss. The former Women’s Champion is currently seen with Find and his character is being well-liked. He is one of the current most entertaining stars of the company.

Bliss announced last month that he had engaged with Ryan Cabrera. He announced his engagement by posting a post on Instagram. The two couples were in a relationship for a year and Cabrera proposed to Bliss after completing one year, which Bliss accepted.

#) WWE Superstar Danna Brooke announces her relationship

The year 2020 has been much more interesting for Danna Brooke. He was drafted into Monday Night Raw and looks like he is being pushed now. Talking about Danna Brooke’s personal life, she announced that she was in a relationship with MMA Fighter Ulysses Diaz.

In January 2020, it was reported that Brooke and Diaz had gone on a date and later made their relationship public. Brooke revealed in an interview with Fightful that her new boyfriend had a ring set up in the back garden, which benefited his WWE career.