• Know what special things were seen in the episode of AEW Dynamite
  • This week’s episode of AEW Dynamite proved to be overwhelming.

The episode of AEW Dynamite was awesome. The giants were seen and as usual, many tremendous matches were seen. Well, let’s look at the results of AEW Dynamite.

AEW Dynamite Results:

– AEW World Tag Team Champions Young Bucks defeated Hybrid Two in a stunning tag team match. The Exlamed was about to enter the ring but was attacked by Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels.

Aron Anderson, Tony Shavony, and Cody Rhodes were present in the ring. The Sting entered. Aron and Tony go from the ring. Sting and Cody survived the ring. Meanwhile, Cody thanked him for the help Sting had received last week. After this Sting cut the promo and told that he is back in his forest. He placed a hand on Cody’s shoulder and mocked him a little.

– Taze explained in the backstage segment that Sting was signed only to save Cody from Team Taze’s attack. Along with this, Taze’s son also appeared and he is training with his father.

– FTR defeated Varsity Blonds during a tag team match at AEW Dynamite.

– Dusting Rhodes was confronted with the Ten of the Dark Order. He won here. Evil Uno entered and said that he always had a small statue in the Rhodes family. With this, he gave Rhodes a chance to join him in the Dark Order. He did not respond to this.

– Tony Shavoni interviewed Shake, and Brandy Rhodes was also present. Sheik reveals that he is angry with Jade Kargil as he badly attacked Rhodes’ hand. Also, he tried to insult Rhodes. Brandi was angry at this and threw water on Shake’s face.

– Segment of the inner circle was seen. During this time MJF said that everyone believed that they wanted to break the fact but they wanted to be a part of it. Sammy Guevara looked angry after this, but his partner persuaded him. He shook hands with MJF and said that now if MJF harasses him, he will leave the group.

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