bowlful of elbow salad

Are you a food enthusiast? Do you love experimenting with your food choices? Have you ever tried creating some weird food combinations?

Actually, You should. History shows that weird ideas have given birth to some of the finest recipes of all time. For the longest time, no one thought about consuming curdled milk, but someday a weirdo decided to try it, and today we have one of the most consumed and loved products, cheese, in between us. Undoubtedly, Cheese has arrived in the most unexpected ways and rules the food industry with its versatility and taste.

The weird food combo can bring about some of the finest and most delicious output on our plates. Although, many a time, these combinations can go wrong, when it clicks, it is bound to make our taste buds go for a delicious trip. 

I often wonder what a lunch combination in some other part of the world would look like. Will it be the same as what my plate has, or will it be something pretty different? It can also be a combination that would look weird. However, you will agree with me on this, that the most important factor for any food is its taste. If it tastes good, one doesn’t need to concern with what went into the making of the same. 

In today’s post, we will try looking at those food combinations that sound weird but is a match made in heaven. And I bet if you try this once, you are gonna love it and try it again and again. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s begin the hunting for those culinary inventions:

Butter and Sugar Sandwiches: 

If you are a sandwich person who literally lives on these for everyday breakfast, I bet you should try the butter sugar sandwiches. Never heard about them? But why not give it a try? Sugar and butter are already a match made in heaven, and pairing this already superhit duo with freshly baked white or brown bread can be an appetizing start to the day. Although it is a deconstructed take on traditional french toast, this combination has a fan base of its own.

Mac, Cheese, and Scrambled Eggs Fritters:

Well, as you can see, it is too many good things coming together to give you a blast of tempting flavors. Even though it is yet to get the due commercialization that it deserves for being so delicious, you can always try it at home. The traditionally baked mac and cheese are combined with a hard scrambled egg dish and smashed together with some pepper, salt, and cayenne if you wish. The next step would include forming egg macaroni balls and deep frying them after coating them with a light batter. These crispy fritters can send you on a delicious ride with the fatness of cheese and the goodness of egg protein.

Hamburgers with a dollop of Peanut Butter:

This sounds like a bite of protein that would enrich your flavors with the crunchy ham and the richness of peanut butter. As much as it is a weird food combo sounds and looks, but the combination managed to stir a burst of flavors among those who tried it. I bet you, too, would have similar feedback to this revolutionary match of peanut butter and hamburgers. You may have tried burgers with lettuce, extra pickles, and many such popular choices, but the next time you order one, ask for peanut butter and taste the unexpected. 

Popcorn Cereal:

Cornflakes with milk are something that is a go-to breakfast for most of us. This uncomplicated recipe brings in a feeling of fullness which makes it a great option to savor in the morning. However, while cornflakes have created wonders, why not try their counterpart, popcorn, in a similar recipe? Yes, you heard it right, popcorn cereal it is. Do you have some leftover popcorn from the movie night? Use them to create a simple yet delicious recipe with milk and honey. Add popcorn to hot or cold milk and top it with honey, and you are going to like it for sure. 

How to create your food fantasies without being a cook?

Did all these food discussions inspire you to cook? Found too much motivation to make your food fantasies materialize on the plates. Hold on for a moment. Before you jump into the kitchen and begin your ingredients hunting, why not give it a try in the virtual space? 

Give yourself the time to settle for the experiences of a kitchen, and what is better than trying it out in the virtual space with farm games for free? These are simulation games that give you an experience of the food industry right from the farming stage. Allow yourself to understand the farming nuances and explore the virtual kitchen space to create something delicious.

You can check out Star Chef 2, which is available in the “farm games for free” section of your android or IOS stores. Download the game today and explore the virtual kitchen before giving the final trial with real ingredients in a real kitchen.