• The career of these WWE Superstars has deteriorated due to Goldberg.
  • Goldberg made his return to the WWE in 2016.

Goldberg can be called the most famous wrestler in the wrestling world and WWE. He has made millions of fans with his style. The superstar made his debut in 1997 and became a success very quickly.

He had a huge streak in WCWE and it was difficult for everyone to beat him. He then won several championships. He also appeared in WWE but did not last long. After this, he stopped wrestling but the fans always wanted to see him in the ring again.

In 2016, the veteran returned again. He has fought many matches after this and twice he also captured the Universal title. Well, during this time he has spoiled the career of some WWE Superstars. So we are going to talk about 3 superstars whose career was ruined because of Goldberg.

3- WWE Star The Fiend

Goldberg is primarily responsible for ruining the character of The Fiend. In the Super Showdown, he faced Feind for the Universal Championship. In this match, Goldberg defeated Feind in no time and became the new Universal Champion. It was difficult for everyone to stop this star until its first months.

No superstars were able to stop the Find. Also, he was not getting any effect from the big finishers. Despite this, he was booked to lose the match against Goldberg. After this match, the interest of the fans regarding the Find ended and they were not as powerful as before. Well, Bray Wyatt made perfect use of his mind and saved his character from being over. Despite this, the interest of fans was reduced due to Goldberg.

2- Dolph Ziggler

The match between Dolph Ziggler and Goldberg was seen at SummerSlam 2019. Prior to this match, he came in Super Showdown against Undertaker by giving a bad match. WWE booked him here in front of Dolph.

Ziggler did not get a chance to show his moves in this match. Goldberg easily defeated the former champion. It fell to Ziggler’s stature and his career as a singles star was almost over. Any fan was interested in seeing him after Ziggler’s easy defeat.

1- Kevin Owens

Goldberg has caused a major halt to Kevin Owens’ budding career. Owens was successful as a mid-card star after debuting on WWE’s main roster. This gave the company a chance to become Universal Champion.

He did a tremendous job and increased his stature by winning over many big stars including Roman Rance. Despite this, he suddenly had a match with Goldberg in Fastlane and lost very easily here. Owens’ entire career deteriorated due to this. He never appeared as a top star again. At the end of 2020, he is now growing his stature again in SmackDown.

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