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Do you know when it’s in your best interests to contact a personal injury lawyer?

If you’re an accident victim, you might face a lengthy recovery period that forces you to take time off work or to pay for physio, medication, and other treatments. It makes sense to contact a personal injury lawyer to find out whether or not they can help you in your situation. At the very least, a legal professional can point you in the right direction if you can’t pursue legal action.

Keep reading for three signs you need to reach out to a reputable personal injury lawyer.

1. Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer if You’ve Suffered Any Injuries in an Accident

It pays to consult with a personal injury lawyer if you’re involved in an accident and suffer a serious injury. A car accident, slip, and fall incident, or some other injury that leaves you with lingering pain and discomfort shouldn’t be ignored. Cuts and bruises won’t normally give you the grounds to pursue legal action. But it won’t hurt to seek medical care to verify your condition.

A serious accident could leave you with fractures, spinal cord trauma, internal bleeding, chronic pain, or other issues. Consider, as well, that treatment will require money and you may have to take considerable time off work or seek modifications to your work duties post-injury. A personal injury lawyer can assess your situation and recommend a course of action.

2. Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer if You’ve Been Blamed for Causing an Accident

Whether you are the cause of an accident or another driver is the cause, the end result can be traumatic for all parties involved. But if you’ve been singled out as the cause of a car accident, you should contact a personal injury lawyer. One reason is that you may not receive the full compensation you’re entitled to if you’re blamed for causing the accident.

A personal injury lawyer will look at the facts, gather evidence supporting your version of what happened, and give you the best possible chance of clearing your name. In addition to increasing your odds of getting full compensation, you can possibly avoid an insurance rate hike.

So, it’s worth reaching out to a legal professional who knows how to handle such matters.

3. Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer if an Insurer Rejects Your Claim

What should you do if an insurer rejects your accident benefits claim? It can be frustrating to pay for car insurance month after month, year after year, without fail, and then have the insurance company balk when the time comes to honor its end of the agreement post-accident. But you don’t have to accept a rejected claim without challenging it. Contact a personal injury lawyer.

The legal professional can act on your behalf by negotiating with the insurer. Sometimes insurance companies seek to invalidate all or parts of claims through technicalities. If you deal with the insurer without help from a lawyer, you’ll be at the insurance company’s mercy. They know the law better than you do and can build the best case to ensure you get what you deserve.

If you’re injured due to an accident, you’ll want a personal injury lawyer in your corner. When dealing with the aftermath of an accident, trying to navigate the process yourself is a bad idea.

In these situations, it’ll be in your best interest to contact a personal injury lawyer. After an accident where you suffer a severe injury, you’ll want compensation you’re entitled to. It may be a long road to recovery, so knowing your options is critical. It’s best to contact a personal injury lawyer to learn what your options are and what the best course of action is.