On a day like today, September 21, 70 years ago , the great Bill Murray came into the world . The actor made his debut in the world of cinema in 1978, with the movie Loose Shoes , but it was not until a year later that he starred in his first hit, The incorrigible meatballs , under the command of Ivan Reitman, with whom he would meet again in The Nutty Squad. (1981) and Ghostbusters (1984).

In 1993, he experienced his personal Groundhog Day as meteorologist Phil Connors in Trapped in Time , and 10 years later he earned his first Oscar nomination for his role in Lost in Translation , the film directed by Sofia Coppola . Beside winning the Academy Award, director premiere comedy drama On the Rocks , this fall on Apple TV + .

Next year, we will see Murray again as Dr. Peter Venkman , in Ghostbusters: Beyond , the new installment of the franchise directed by Jason Reitman . But, until then, and to celebrate his 70th birthday, we want to reveal several curiosities of the actor that perhaps you did not know . Turn the page and find out