Madrid won the eight losses to Getafe without suffering, thanks to the goals of Benzema and Mendy, in a very well played and competitive game including a change of system and with the positive note that up to three Castilla players had your minutes. From the starter Marvin who played like nothing much better than Odriozola is remembered to the first change Arribas who participated in the 2-0 ending in a Chust that jumped due to Marcelo’s injury.

In times of need and this goes a long way with the pandemic and the reduction in income there is La Fabrica, where there is much more than meets the eye. On the bench were Antonio Blanco and Miguel Gutiérrez, two other players. The blackbirds only need to be worn to show that their shirt is not heavy and that they know how to compete. And Zidane, who traditionally has not been excessively generous with boys, is changing, necessity obliges luckily for the kids.

Marvin went to the surprise of the eleven of Zidane, cause or consequence of the change of the French system antidote to the plague of casualties. The youth ranger appeared as a lane and left Alvaro Benito well when he suspected a future as a lane thanks to his sprinter’s feet. The blackbird showed its face competed, and at times won the pulse of an already veteran like Cucurella. He was strong on the divided balls, he was applied in defense and came out with danger on the wing. However before game time, he had to withdraw, it seemed that with discomfort. He left the longest race of the match, with 33.4 km / h. In any case, opening the headline to feel proud, a sign that there is a product in the white quarry to be used up.

Vinícius suddenly saw himself as a lane a very strange position for him so much so that it took him a few minutes to realize his defensive obligations, which left Cucurella alone on one clear occasion. It seemed that he was going to be substituted but finally it was Marvin and it was Vini’s turn to dress as Cafu. From there he put the center measured for 1-0, goal assistance of those that are worth double because they serve to put his team ahead. He left a game on the horn that ended in fault because no one could stop him. Well, Vini.

Mendy repositioned himself in the line of three centers to the left a position that fits his conditions very well because it enhances his defensive virtues and does not show his offensive limitations. He left a strange clearance when he lost sight of a long ball towards Angel that touched him between the back and the hip canceling the action which could be dangerous. But it is that he also signed an inside start to attack the area and finish finishing with the right for 2-0. Maybe there is a new system in Madrid and Mendy is so happy.

The Getafe continues its, not just results, logical losing to freefall Madrid hardly employable but play and sensations than shown in the Di Stefano. From an eleven without Kubo or Alena the requests of Bordalas in winter to a collective performance without a trace of the most recent Azulona philosophy with very distant players in their best form. They neither competed nor knew how to defend or attack against a Madrid of circumstances, plagued with casualties. You will have to grit your teeth to maintain the category.

There were the same street-clad players in the stands at Di Stefano as substitutes eight in total nine if Sergio Ramos had been able to attend the game after his operation. An image of the most striking. Almost an entire team made up Lucas, Carvajal, Fede, Militao, Hazard, Rodrygo, Odriozola, and Kroos. The positive note is that Kroos sure (his loss was due to suspension) and possibly Lucas and Carvajal can reappear against Valencia.