The director of Batman v Superman hopes that his version of the Justice League will end the cut of Joss Whedon. The director had the opportunity to finish his original approach to the film after walking away from the project due to the tragic death of his daughter and being replaced by Joss Whedon .

Confirmed its release for March 2021 on HBO Max, The Snyder Justice League will tell the story that the filmmaker intended to tell from the beginning in 2017, turning the film into a four-part miniseries. Snyder How Not also received additional funding to polish his cut, as well as adding new scenes, some of which will feature the return of Jared Leto’s Joker. While fans eagerly await the release of this new version of The Justice League, its director Zack Snyder continues to promote his court very actively on social media and interact with his fervent followers, pleasing them by answering questions and participating in general discussions.

A fan wrote to Snyder on his official Vero account, requesting that all copies of Joss Whedon’s Justice League be destroyed , and the director responded by saying that he wishes his HBO Max project could erase that other version of existence. This excited fans of the director, as he also confirmed that the Snyder Cut will be released on HBO Max in March 2021.

Snyder has voiced his opinion about repudiating the theatrical version of The Justice League . If he had stayed on the sidelines from voicing his opinion before it was announced that he would return to finish his original plan for the film, but he has been more outspoken about this since it was confirmed in May. He also revealed that he refuses to watch Joss Whedon’s take, most likely because the criticism and word of mouth about it were more than enough for him to decide not to (other than understandably not wanting to see what another director has done. with your work). Other than Snyder, other DCEU directors apparently don’t like what Whed on did with Justice League . The director of Wonder Woman 1984 Patty Jenkins recently revealed that she, along with her comrades, tossed that iteration in much the same way as fans did because it’s not in line with her characterization of their respective heroes.

The version that will premiere on HBO Max is expected to be very different from what hit theaters three years ago, something easy just if we look at the total length of the miniseries with respect to the Whedon cut, which is sure that adds coherence to the story and solves unanswered questions from Batman v Superman. As has been said multiple times, Whedon’s new footage greatly changed the story Snyder was planning for the film, leaving entire character arcs and other items in the editing room. Unfortunately though, regardless of how good this new Justice League is It’s not going to be DCEU canon – Snyder himself confirmed this when asked how it relates to the continuity established in the franchise. So even if many people want to forget about the Whedon cut, it will still be part of the official universe.