Endovascular Medica Canarias. is a recently created company (3 years old) but its manager Francisco Copano has more than 35 years of experience in the medical sector. Our goal is to be able to provide solutions, alternatives, and good service to the hospitals of the Canary Islands as distributors of first quality hospital products and to be a company that grows little by little, with new projects underway. During confinement, we started cooking and sewing, was making the masks at home a mistake?

In the worst moments of the pandemic, I think we were all thinking about how to protect ourselves and I don’t think it was a mistake at the time. We needed to protect ourselves, even with homemade masks, especially due to the shortage we had in Spain at the time. Another thing is now, where there are more than 20 companies in Spain manufacturing masks. If a year ago they had told us that we would all go with a mask, no one would believe it, because we are not used to wearing them, but we have seen how Asian tourists wore them and we wondered why. Now we have the answer to that question which is nothing other than protection against a virus, against contamination or as now against COVID-19.

Also, your masks are 100% Spanish, aren’t they? Correct. They are 100% Spanish-made, specifically manufactured in Seville by the Norco company, and we are their official distributors for the Canary Islands. Norco has been one of the first Spanish companies that began to manufacture masks at the beginning of this pandemic, being one of the references at the moment in Spain. I think this is very important, because not all masks are the same, nor are they all worth it.


starting with a great project to set up our own mask factory. It is a project that we will begin in a couple of months, and we will manufacture IIR, Hygienic, FFP2, and FFP3 Masks, with the quality and aseptic standards that exist in Spain and Europe. Our machines are also manufactured in Spain, specifically in Andalusia, by the AND & OR company of Seville and with CE Certification of the 3 types of machines that we are going to install.

I understand another important thing is that we will have a Clean Room to be able to have our product as aseptic as possible. We will have an ultraviolet light disinfection system so that the raw material with which the masks of all types are manufactured enters through this disinfection tunnel into the cleanroom. In this way, we will have them disinfected from the beginning until their packaging, without any manipulation of them. All personnel will also go through a disinfection process before entering the cleanroom, with their corresponding protection of gloves, masks, goggles, hats, leggings, EPi-type overalls, etc. This means that we maintain very little manipulation in direct contact with the masks throughout the process.

We are going to create around 20 jobs in total, depending on production, which will also help to reactivate the economy of the Canary Islands, since this project is designed for the Canary Islands, their population, and their own supply. The market and consumers are used to looking for price instead of quality but, if it is usually a mistake, in this case, it can be a fatal mistake. Totally agree. More than 90% of the masks that came in the worst of times were from China. We encountered many difficulties because not all of them were of quality and, also, with many false certificates or products that did not even reach the minimum quality standards. In fact, to this day, you still find many masks without the correct certificates.

At this time, we must believe and help our national industries and not resort, as is still done by many administrations, to imported products and not those manufactured in Spain. We are many manufacturers in Spain to be able to supply the country, but we continue to buy by price, and there are times when you cannot compete with those of Chinese masks or multinationals from outside Spain. I believe that our leaders should look at everything that has been done to be able to set up mask factories in the country because they are products manufactured in Spain and for Spain. A great effort has been made to continue to look the other way and continue to buy many imported products, especially from China.

Sometimes we do not realize what we have and what that represents for our country and our economy. New strains, variants, slow vaccination. Has the mask come to stay?
I think so, apart from vaccines that could be a very important solution, they will continue to be used for other reasons, such as in closed spaces, in immunosuppressed patients, in health centers, due to contamination, and because we still have Covid-19 for a while. Also, viruses are constantly mutating, like this one, which has had more than 4,000 mutations since its inception.

There will be times when the vaccine is not valid for a mutation, variant, or strain, and we also do not know exactly how long the immunization of vaccines will last and when we will have that 70% immunization that is so much talked about.