You are one of the great psychological horror thrillers and suspense that Netflix has left in recent years. And for this very reason, the recent confirmation that the filming of the third season of this series has ended is the news that we fans were waiting for. The question is, should we worry aboutJoe Goldberg being back on the street?

The story centered on Goldberg himself (played by Penn Badgley ) delves, terrifyingly and cruelly, into the dangers and fatalities that obsession with another person can lead to. After a first season in which Joe forges a sick relationship with a young writer, in the second part (2019) we find the same unhinged character with a new victim of his stalker and harassment. Although with an unexpected ending.

And the third part, confirmed almost two years ago, finished shooting a few days ago; so now only technical and editing details remain so that, finally and once and for all, it sees the light. The news is more than celebrated by fans of the compelling story since the third season suffered delays of all kinds caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

At the end of 2020, filming of You resumed; and the protocols and health care became the exclusive protagonist of the resumption. And after almost 3 months, on Friday, April 23 the filming came to an end. This was confirmed by the showrunner of the series, Sera Gamble, on her Twitter account.

“Today is our last day of filming season 3 of #YouNetflix. Can I brag for a second with you?”, Gamble highlighted in the first tweet of a thread where he highlighted the shocking work in these months, having to face the pandemic and other adversities.

Release Date

Another piece of good news is that the resumption of the story of Joe Goldberg and his beloved (and also dangerous) partner, Love Quinn (played by Victoria Pedretti ) will hit streaming before the end of 2021. This was confirmed, also a few days ago, by the CEO and director of content of Netflix, Ted Sarandos.