Hunt the natural, it returns at a gallop. Joe Goldberg, his pregnant partner Love, moves to a peaceful suburb at the end of season two of “You.” Everything pointed out that he had taken on the disguise of the psychopathic stalker to lead a normal life as a responsible father. Netflix provided the last hint. Netflix continues to delight fans with its streaming services. The second chapter ended with Joe meeting a neighbor who could become his new prey. Fans are now on the hunt for season 3.

“Bad News: Joe Is Not Changing”

In keeping with current events, the platform posted a tweet, The 1st of July, which refers to the extension for paternity leave in France. “Good news for future fathers: The length of paternity time is changing!” She starts with optimism before attacking us with the “Bad News: Joe doesn’t change”. It is clear that Joe, as he was being camped by Penn Badgley does not seem like he has resigned himself from his obsessive tendencies or hidden his hunger for finding girlfriends.

Although theories are plentiful on the Internet, little information has been revealed about the synopsis of the next episode. The clues scattered around “You” are the best way to keep fans of the series informed. Or Caroline Kepnes’ latest novel. This is the source of the series. The latter is allowed to have some freedoms but it is safe to predict that the protagonist will (re), find himself in a new toxic romance – with Mary Cay, which could lead to many twists. Netflix has yet to release the season, even though it was tentatively scheduled for the end of the year. But, Netflix does have a “YOU” season 3 in the works, which will be released soon. So many mysteries.

You Season 3 Release Date

Netflix has already stated that the next season of You won’t be released until 2021.