Actress Tanaya Beatty brought the character of Avery to life during Yellowstone’s first two seasons, but what happened to the actress who left the show?

Tanaya Beatty’s character, Avery, first appeared during the season one finale of Yellowstone, in the episode “The Unraveling Part 2.”

Beatty appeared in just five episodes of Yellowstone, the last time he was seen on the show was in episode 4, called, “Only Devils Left.”

The exit of the actress has been one of the most abrupt of the program, without any explanation, it was simply announced in the series that Avery had packed up her woes and left the ranch, something that made no sense whatsoever.

So far there is no exact reason for the departure of Avery’s character, but, according to some theories, it could have been on the part of the actress to seek other opportunities.

At the moment, it only remains to wait for the start of the production of Yellowstone season 4, to see its premiere in 2021.