Yellowstone enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting season 4. They are also excited about what the fourth and fifth episodes will bring. The drama around the Dutton families is reportedly now encircling Yellowstone. The Virtual Happy Hour hosted by Hall Wines and Yellowstone has some big hints regarding Yellowstone Season 5.

Cole Hauser On Yellowstone Season 5

Amidst the wait for the fourth season of Yellowstone, actor Cole Hauser in an interview with Hall Wines has confirmed that the team is gearing up for season 5. He stated this in a chat with Kathryn Walt Hall during the virtual happy hours.

“The way we finished season 4 is something I cannot reveal. But the way season 4 ends, I think the audience. I expect you will be delighted with several things.”

“For us as actors – and I think that I can speak for everyone even Kevin, Kelly Reilly Luke Grims Gil Birmingham – you all are apart. We are all part of it. “This is our fifth anniversary, so we get together as a family,” he said.

These statements bring up many questions for viewers about the story plot and how it will turn out in the future seasons. The creator of the show Taylor Sheridan previously stated that the show would run for at most six seasons.

Yellowstone Season 4

Yellowstone plans to return with a fourth series after its three-season run. But, there isn’t much else known except that the teaser says, “Revenge will be well worth the wait.”

A few moments earlier, cast members appeared to be dropping clues that pointed towards an unidentified danger for the characters. The trailer will be released soon so viewers can get a clearer idea.

Yellowstone Season 4 Release Date

Paramount Network has not yet released the official date of premiering the fourth season of Yellowstone. However, it is anticipated to be released in November.