The Yellowstone season 4 production has finally ended in Montana, so we could have the new season very soon. But when will season 5 start production?

Yellowstone season four is scheduled for release in June 2021 and fans want to know more about a possible fifth season.

However, at the moment the fifth season of Yellowstone has not been officially confirmed by Paramount Network, responsible for producing and broadcasting the show.

But, the cast members of the series and the production team, have already openly discussed the future of the series, so a new season is at stake.

Recall that the series is filmed at Chief Joseph Ranch in Montana, USA and fans can visit the filming location while the show is not filming scenes.

But, speaking to the NY Post, Yellowstone location manager Mark Jarrett revealed that the plan for Yellowstone was to film a fourth and fifth season at Chief Joseph Ranch in Montana.

Without a doubt, everything seems to point to that, if there will be the fifth season of Yellowstone, scheduled for 2020. We will be aware of the new news about it.