On the most recent episode of the podcast The New Day: Feel the Power Xavier Woods recalled the first time he met Christian. Woods added that it was backstage on a TNA show when he was just 20 years old. Also, she shared a funny story from when she met him.

I was looking at my abs in a mirror in my locker room, I wanted to show everyone that I had the best abs in the company, so Christian came up to me and said, Let me know when you’re a big star. After that, he left and proceeded to fight in the main event of the show, stated Xavier Woods.

So in another life, when I was in another company there was a group of superstars that they called us X division. I learned from each and every one of them, but I thought I could go one step further and continue to grow as a fighter. So I trained a lot more and I set several goals many of which I have already achieved said, Xavier Woods.

Christian has signed the new contract with WWE this week to confirm his return to the company as a part-time wrestler. At the moment no future appearances for the Canadian have been confirmed, but rumors suggest that he could have a role in WrestleMania.