During the recent edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, journalist Dave Meltzer spoke about Cesaro’s current situation in WWE. Meltzer added that the company would currently have a big push for Cesaro in its plans, something the company’s fans have been waiting for for many years.

The goal now is to try to do something impressive with Cesaro and it is difficult after all these years because he has always been fighting for the company without obtaining much merit, even when the fans have asked actively and passively that he deserved something more. I don’t understand how Cesaro has never been given what he deserved over the years, said Dave Meltzer.

Now they want Cesaro to have a push in WWE, something that as far as I’m concerned, must have come many years ago. It’s a lot harder to push a guy after he’s been with the company for seven years than it is to push one in his first year. I hope this time Cesaro gets what he has deserved for many years, said Dave Meltzer.

Cesaro recently defeated Daniel Bryan on SmackDown in a four-minute match. The match was meant to be short and to make a big impression on Cesaro who after his victory shared a show of respect with Bryan. We’ll have to see what’s next for the WWE Swiss wrestler.