WWE has removed the WrestleMania 24 show from its content on WWE Network recently. The possible reason for this event is due to the song that Floyd Mayweather used during his entry for his fight against The Big Show since the environment of rapper 50 Cent would have demanded the copyright of the song I Get Money.

Several years ago,

WWE already had problems with this issue when they released the DVD and Blu-Ray of the event, as one of the producers of 50 Cent tried to sue the company in 2010. However, the case was closed because neither of the parties earned money for using the song for the event.

WWE officials

Already spoken out about the removal of WrestleMania 24 from the WWE Network platform and clarified that they are aware of the problem as well as that they are working to put the event back in the content as soon as possible.

Wrestlemania 24 was an event that marked the retirement of Ric Flair as a superstar after Shawn Michaels defeated him in a match in which if he lost he had to leave his career. Additionally, boxing legend Floyd Mayweather defeated Big Show, as well as CM Punk, won Money in the Bank in the match held at the event. Also, The Undertaker defeated Edge to win the World Heavyweight Championship.