• Roman Reigns to face Kevin Owens in WWE
  • WWE TLC PPV 20 December to be held in India on 21 December

The countdown of WWE TLC has started and this PPV on 20 December is going to happen in India on 21 December. Almost a lot of matches have been booked, but most eyes will be on the fans against Roman Reigns. However, reports are now coming out that Roman Reigns is about to attack and will be beaten.

Attack on Roman Reigns in TLC in WWE

As is clear, Universal champion and Tribal Chief Roman Reigns will be pitted against Kevin Owens in the TLC. However, the biggest twist in this match, if anyone can put it, nobody else is Roman Reigns’ brother Jay Uso. That’s because both have not been formed for the last few weeks and everyone saw the last smackdown.

Last week at SmackDown, Jay Uso and Roman Reigns had a match against Otis and Kevin Owens. Otis was attacked by Roman Reigns outside the ring while the match ended with DQ after which Roman Reigns badly attacked Kevin Owens and his brother Jay Uso.

It is now being told that Roman Reign’s brother Jay Uso can attack him. Roman Reigns are degrading him again and again, he can take revenge from Roman Reigns in TLC. However, it is also believed that there will be no result of the match as Kevin Owens will also kill Reigns after Jay Uso’s attack. In this sense, Roman Reigns is seen to be beaten.

For details, let us tell you that Roman Reigns returned to WWE SummerSlam and won the title in Payback. After that Roman Reigns was fielded twice against Jay Uso and both Clash of Champions and Hell in a Cell won Roman Reigns but also became Chief, now the way the story is going it seems that Roman Jay Uso can attack Reigns.