• In the past, many superstars on WWE television have been victims of a fatal accident.
  • Once while entering the WWE ring, The Undertaker’s clothes caught fire.

The attitude was known for dangerous action in the ring during WWE matches at Era. Let me tell you, during the Attitude Era the wrestlers did not miss to use the weapon to bounce their opponent, and many times it has been seen where WWE Superstars bled their opponent by hand. Was.

However, there has been a lot of change in WWE during the last few years and the company has banned dangerous action during matches keeping in mind the younger audience. Despite this change, during the last few years, WWE has seen some dangerous moments that the company had not planned.

In this article, we are going to mention 5 dangerous accidents that were seen on WWE TV during the last few years.

5- Jerry Lawler had a heart attack at ringside in WWE Raw 2012

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WWE commentators Raw, SmackDown and NXT are part of the action in all three places. There have also been many occasions in WWE where commentators were part of the storylines but during an episode of Raw in 2012, there was an incident on live TV that surprised the fans. Let me tell you, commentator Jerry Lawler suddenly had a heart attack during that Raw episode.

At the time when this incident took place, a match was going on in the ring between Hello No and the prime time players, and when the commentary came to a halt, the fans realized that there was definitely a big problem. Soon after, the medical staff arrived and took Jerry Lawler backstage with the help of a stretcher. Lawler survived his life by being taken to the hospital at the right time and he managed to return to the WWE once again.

4- Joey Mercury badly injured due to ladder in WWE

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In December 2006, Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro faced the Hardy Boys, Paul London, William Riggle, Brian Kendrick, Dave Taylor in a WWE match in the WWE and the WWE Tag Team Championship was at stake. During this match, there was a moment where Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro were trying to throw Jeff Hardy on the ladder at the ring post, but soon Matt Hardy came to help his brother.

Taking advantage of this, Jeff jumped on the ladder in the ring and because of this, Joey Mercury, the lower end of the ladder, felt so loud on his face that he broke his nose badly and started bleeding from his face.

3- Cicero’s teeth broken in WWE No Mercy

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In WWE No Mercy 2017, Cijero and Sheamus were part of the Raw Tag Team Championship match against the team of Saith Rawlins and Dean Ambrose. The match saw a moment where Ambrose caught Cizaro with legs and bounced him towards the ring post. Let me tell you, due to giving this move, Cicero’s face was hit on the ring post due to which many of Cicero’s teeth were broken.

2- John Cena’s nose broken in WWE Raw against Seth Rollins

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WWE Superstar John Cena was part of the match against Seth Rollins during the 2015 Raw episode. Let me tell you, John Cena’s nose was broken due to Sath’s knee during this match. However, Cena did not give up even after his nose was broken and he won the match by capturing Rollins in his submission move STF.

1 – The Undertaker narrowly escapes fire at WWE Elimination Chamber 2010

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The Undertaker recently retired after his 30-year illustrious career in WWE, however, in the past there was an accident with Finnom that caused him to retire a decade earlier. Let me tell you, Taker Sal Elimination Chamber was entering the arena for their match in 2010 and at the same time, there was an explosion in the ramp firecrackers that triggered a fire in phenom dress.

Deadman’s body was also severely damaged due to the fire being out of control, however, he was seen fighting in the match despite the accident.