WWE announced new restrictions on working with third parties, such as Twitch, YouTube, or Cameo, among other social networks. Due to this new rule, several superstars showed their discomfort and in some cases like that of Zelina Vega, the matter ended in dismissal. This new rule would also have been extended to other social networks, such as Instagram.

 Agency CRO LoveUK published an article on the 100 celebrities who made the most money in 2020 from Instagram ads. On this list are Amanda Rose Saccomanno and Catherine Joy Perry known in WWE as Mandy Rose and Lana.

In 2020, it was estimated that Catherine Jo Perry Lana earned around $ 626,000 from 59 Instagram ads and Mandy Saccomano, Mandy Rose $ 490,000 from 71 ads. These numbers would be the sum of the first 10 months of the year since WWE announced its new restrictions starting in November. It is estimated that Perry earned $ 10,124 per ad with an average of seven ads per month. On the other hand, Saccomano earned $ 7,287 per ad and averaging eight ads per month.

This shows that the information that was disclosed about the earnings of WWE Superstars through third parties was true. In the case of Zelina Vega, it was said that the wrestler made more money through Twitch than through WWE. We do not have updated figures for Mandy Rose and Lana, but in August 2019 they were earning $ 80,000 and $ 200,000 annually respectively. Lana’s figure may have varied because a few months later she renewed her contract for 5 years.

The top three celebrities on the list are Cristiano Ronaldo at $ 24,377,372, Kevin Hart at $ 18,308,441 and Ellen DeGeneres at $ 15,432,916. Lana achieved position number 83, while Mandy Rose closed the list at number 100.