• The current WWE defending champion made a big deal about Daniel Bryan. Know what you said
  • Daniel Bryan is a very big superstar in WWE. He has been working here for a long time.

In WWE SmackDown, this evening is enchanting Sami Zayn. Every week at WWE shows Sami Zayn gives good matches. Last week also he had a match with Daniel Bryan and it was a great match. Sami Zayn tweeted on Twitter about Daniel Bryan’s wrestling ability.

Sami Zayn has described Daniel Bryan as the best in-ring performer of this generation. Also told that despite this, they have won.

WWE Superstars said the big thing

In an exclusive interview with WWE, Sami Zayn expressed her desire to contest the Intercontinental Championship match with Big E. There was talk between Big E and Sami Zayn after the win against Daniel Bryan. Sami Zayn had fun here.

Sami Zayn has been targeted by WWE for some time. They are constantly trying to snatch the Intercontinental title but none have been successful so far. This year has proved to be good for Sami Zayn. If he was not in the middle during the coronation, then the title was taken away from him but after his return, he became the champion.

Everybody keeps an eye on Sami Zayn in SmackDown. Throughout the episode, Sami Zayn keeps doing something new. And when it comes to performance in the ring, then they also give a good match. His match with Daniel Bryan last week was the best match of that episode. It was praised by all. However, Sami Zayn won via count-out. Backstage Daniel Bryan was attacked by Jay Uso. Sami Zayn is currently the Intercontinental Champion. Now they are looking for a good opponent. The kind of segmentation took place last week. This suggests that Big E could be his next opponent. The contest between Big E and Sami Zayn will also be overwhelming.