• This week, the episode of SmackDown saw many bangs.
  • The episode of SmackDown saw many good matches.

The episode of SmackDown was great. Survivor series PPV was fantastic and Raw’s episode after that didn’t disappoint either. This led to higher expectations from the Blue Brand episode. It can be said that WWE did not disappoint the fans in any way. Many good matches were seen, while some storylines went ahead.

The show begins with Jay Uso’s promo segment where Roman Reigns arrives. There was talk between the two and Roman explained to his brother. After this Jay Uso attacked Otis badly. In addition Street Profits suffered defeat by Dolph Ziggler and Robert Rudd. The Undertaker was awarded a Tribute.

Great match between Sammy Jane and Daniel Bryan was also seen. Sammy Jane won with the help of a countout in this match. With this, Bianca Blair defeated Natalia. Also, Murphy also won over King Corbyn and saw a lot of interference during the match. The storyline of the Women’s title also went ahead where Sasha Banks attacked Carmela.

Kevin Owens and Jay Uso also appeared in action. The match ended with DQ where Jay Uso used a steel chair. Well, Kevin Owens later attacks Jay Uso and challenges Roman Reigns to come there. Roman was looking at Owens on the TV screen. This is how SmackDown came to an end. Let’s take a look at the results and video highlights in the episode of SmackDown.

– In SmackDown Roman Reigns tries to convince Jay Uso. Also told that no one is afraid of him because they do not respect him. Jay Uso later attacked Otis for the match with a steel chair.

– Robert Rude and Dolph Ziggler defeated Street Profits in a tag team match

– Sammy Jane wins with a countout assist over Daniel Bryan. Backstage Daniel Bryan was attacked by Jay Uso and because of this he could not get into the ring.

– Bianca Belair defeated Natalia in a singles match

– king corbin lost in the match against Murphy

– Match between Kevin Owens and Jay Uso. Meanwhile, Jay Uso attacked Kevin Owens from the Steel Chair and Owens won with DQ. After the match, Uso was attacked wildly by Kevin Owens. Also warned Roman Reigns