• Know what’s going to happen in the next episode of SmackDown
  • A lot of big things can be seen in the episodes of SmackDown.

The next episode of SmackDown is going to be much more special. The last few episodes were well booked by WWE and there are high expectations from this week’s episode. Not much has been announced for the Blue Brand episode, but of course, the company would like to improve it.

WWE is now focusing on TLC PPV. In such a situation, some storylines for PPV can be seen moving forward, while WWE can also decide some matches. Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens will be the main highlights of the show, but the rest of the storylines and superstars will also be interesting to watch.

The episode of SmackDown can be overwhelming. So we look at the preview of SmackDown’s episode.

– Roman Reigns in SmackDown avenge his insults and the match is set for TLC

Last week saw a match between Kevin Owens and Jay Uso in the main event. Owens won by DQ in this match and after the match, they attacked Uso badly. Simultaneously, ‘The Prize Fighter’ warned Roman and called him there. Well, the Romans did not leave at that time.

Apart from this, he also called the champion a coward. In this way, The Big Dog can take his revenge on Owens in this week’s episode of SmackDown. Roman does not tolerate insult by any superstar and in such a situation he would definitely like to teach Owens a lesson.

Also, the match between the two superstars can also be seen from here. WWE can be seen here deciding on a match or tables, ladders, and chairs match. Matches become even more interesting with stipulations.

– King Corbin vs Murphy at SmackDown

Murphy faced King Corbyn last week. Murphy won in the end due to several interferences in this match. After the match, King said that he would be ready for Murphy in the next episode of SmackDown.

In such a situation, the match between the two superstars can be seen this week. WWE wants to push Murphy at the moment and this could lead to another win over King in the big match.

-Bayley attacks Bianca Belair in SmackDown

WWE last week teased hostility between Bianca Belair and Bayley in an episode of SmackDown. The company is planning a match between the two and in this episode of SmackDown, the storylines can be seen moving forward.

This match must be booked in TLC PPV. The height of both superstars is huge and this will give Belair a tremendous advantage in the future. This will be the first major fight on Belair’s main roster.

– Daniel Bryan Complete His Revenge In SmackDown

Daniel Bryan was spotted with Sammy Jane last week. During this time the match ended with a countout and Brian lost. Actually, he was attacked badly by J Uso and escaped from there.

In such a situation, Bryan would like to avenge his defeat in the crucial match. This may cause him to take revenge on Jay Uso in a backstage segment or a match in an episode of SmackDown.