“we will take a look at three Superstars who failed on WWE RAW this week.”

WWE RAW had its fair share of highs and lows this week show. Though most of those matches were extremely entertaining, the others were somewhat disappointing. Nonetheless, it’s good to say that the series has improved a lot.

Tonight we saw Alexa Bliss unveil a massive transformation in her personality and embrace more of ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt’s madness on WWE RAW. Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler successfully defended their titles whereas The Hurt Business conquered The New Day. We also watched Braun Strowman combine the official men’s team that will represent WWE RAW in Survivor Series. To top it all, we saw The Miz trying to cash-in his Money in the Bank contract, but he met an unfortunate hurdle.

1.Flopped on WWE RAW: The Miz

Just as this author enjoys watching an angry Miz rant on WWE RAW alongside the best-hype-man-of-all-time, this week felt different. For someone experienced like The Miz, running into the ring with an aim to cash-in his MITB contract without even bringing a referee was a rookie error. Even the contenders for the 24/7 Championship don’t do that.

Seconds later, Drew McIntyre walked within the ring and threw both Miz and his buddy, John Morrison beyond the ring. The duo then proceeded to challenge McIntyre for a two-on-one match. While it was an intriguing experience, McIntyre single-handedly strolled through the Miz and Morrison.

WWE is likely seeking to reserve Miz as an opportunist who has no problem in sneaking away with a surprise victory over an unexpecting champion. Therefore, we could see his portrayal from today turn him into a massive turning point in the largest title feud on WWE RAW.

2.Flopped on WWE RAW: Elias

WWE RAW featured a guitar to a Pole’ Game Involving Elias and Jeff Hardy. Both have been feuding ever since Elias returned and attacked The Charismatic Enigma for’ running him over with a car’. Anyway, the two Superstars locked horns in an underwhelming encounter this week, and it was Elias who came out looking poorer than ever.

The match started with Elias running for the pole, but he was instantly stopped by Jeff Hardy. Afterward, their characters reversed, which literally lasted for the rest of their brief encounter. The single highlight of the match was Elias throwing an instrument on Jeff Hady. The final moments of this game on WWE RAW saw Hardy climb the pole to take the guitar and then come back to snare Elias in order to pick his successor.

Firstly, if one ought to pin their competition so as to acquire this sort of match, what is the point of keeping an object on the rod. Second, this is a feud that has a lot of potential on WWE RAW. The creative need to ensure that they capitalize on a good storyline before it will become stale — a threat they can not avoid for long. After all, it would be a shame to allow a fantastic competition to visit complete waste, especially when it features a three-hour-long show.

3.Flopped on WWE RAW: Nia Jax

This week’s WWE RAW did nothing to set up Nia Jax as a credible winner. She seemed like the weakest competitor at a match that featured Dana Brooke. Tonight we saw Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax put their WWE Tag Team Championships on the line against the Group of Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke.

The match started with Jax and Brooke exchanging blows inside the squared circle. Surprisingly, Brooke managed to push Jax to the corner several times and even used the turnbuckles to maintain the winner out of the equation. After that, Rose labeled herself and continued doing the exact same to Jax.

Shortly after that, Rose was able to take Jax to the ringside while Brooke battled Baszler in between the ropes. A small distraction from Lana assisted Brooke in momentarily getting the upper hand, but Baszler promptly reversed the circumstance. She then went on to pin her opponent to successfully retain the Women’s Tag Team Championships on WWE RAW.

Later in the nighttime, Nia Jax faced Lana at a singles game and chose a simple win. But let’s be fair, that does nothing for her overall credibility. It’s high time to accept that placing a Superstar like Lana throughout the dining table for seven successive episodes doesn’t necessarily make someone look strong. It would be safe to say that Baszler carried this whole match and it does not reflect very well on the women’s branch of WWE RAW.