WWE broadcast today, Thursday, January 28, 2021, a new episode of its weekly show NXT UK through WWE Network. As usual, the British brand made the recordings from the BT Sport studio in London, UK. The show featured a Fatal 4-Way elimination to decide the next challengers for the NXT UK Tag Team Championships.

Jordan Devlin, NXT Cruiserweight Champion, comes to the ring and comments that his idea of ​​the open challenge came to cement his legacy as a champion.

The Ace wants to be the longest-serving cruiserweight champion with the most defenses, the best fighter in history under 205 pounds. Trent Seven arrives to interrupt him and states that everything he has said is true, but they both need a new challenge.

Seven proposes, he will lose weight to 205 pounds and then, he will receive a title shot. Devlin mockingly agrees and pats him on the abdomen. Seven hits with a Clothesline and steps on the Irishman’s title, promising to finish him off.

Kay Lee Ray asks in a video to face the best fighter in the world. Then, WWE presents Meiko Satomura as a new acquisition of NXT UK.

Sam Gradwell performs a promo before the next fight. He congratulates Ben Carter for coming to NXT UK and makes fun of him for coming from Jersey. The Thunderstorm promises to end the young fighter and send him out of NXT UK.

 Ben Carter Vs. Sam Gradwell

Gradwell began the contest looking for a control to the arm, although his rival managed to answer him by increasing the pace and hitting with Dropkick plus Missile Dropkick. “The Thunderstorm” gained ground by assaulting his opponent with blows to the back and cutting off his attempts to respond.

Carter put distance between with an Enzuigiri and took his opponent to the outside, jumping next with Suicide Stop plus Spin Stop. He introduced his opponent into the ring and jumped against him, but Gradwell managed to catch him. STO from The Thunderstorm for the count of two. The Prodigy escaped an opponent’s grip, hitting Phenomenal DDT plus Frog Splash for the count of three.

Winner: Ben Carter

Josh Morrell Vs. Sha Samuels

Samuels is dominant, leaving no room for his rival while keeping the offense behind him. Morrell sought out the counter with an Armdrag, though he was immediately given a Clothesline. Samuels showed his strength and focused on damaging his rival’s back and neck. Morrell dodged a charge from his opponent in time

letting it crash into the corner and then chain a pair of Dropkicks plus Standing Corkscrew Moonsault. Morrell ends up missing a Crossbody on the run, a moment that Samuels took advantage of to execute Clothesline more Spinebuster. Sha’s Cobra Modified Clutch to secure the submission win.

Winner: Sha Samuels

Ilja Dragunov trains at the UK Performance Center and is interviewed asking him about what happened in his fight against Jack Starz. The Unbesiegbar admits that he did not want to hurt him.

He does not know what happened but he lost control. Sam Gradwell appears and calls him crazy, asking him to get away from him. Dragunov stops talking and walks away affected.

Rampage Brown talks backstage about his time at NXT UK and is interrupted by Gallus (Joe Coffey, Mark Coffey, and Wolfgang), who are attending today’s main event. Rampage talks to Joe Coffey and challenges him, greeting each other in a friendly way.

Announcements for Next Week:

Xia Brookside Vs. Nina Samuels

Challenge opened by the NXT Cruiserweight Championship: Jordan Devlin (c) vs. Surprise fighter
Fatal Way by elimination to decide the next challengers to the NXT UK Tag Team Championships  Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews vs. Pretty Deadly (Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley) vs. Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter vs. The Hunt (Primate and Wild Boar)

Andrews and Stoker look like they’re about to start, but the Pretty Deadly wrestler immediately passes the baton to Smith. Andrews and Webster are evenly matched fighting Carter and Smith. Mark escapes giving the forced relief to Howley, which removes Smith from throwing it to the corner of The Hunt.

Primate happens to be the legal man and The Hunt hits Pretty Deadly with a double German Suplex. The Hunt throws Howley into the corner of Andrews and Webster, asking them to come in to face each other. Carter and Smith take the opportunity to change the former champions in pairs and chaos are wreaked in the ring.

The Hunt outperforms Smith, though Howley manages to turn Eddie Dennis’s sidekicks in. Smith walks away and takes over to Webster. Springboard Moonsault from Flash on Howley. Stoker switches and joins his partner, both receiving a double Dropkick from Flash and Andrews. The Hunt also fell out and the former tag team champions leap over their opponents in a Double Top with Twist.

Return to the ring, where there is a Tower of Doom between Stoker, Andrews, and Smith. After a few moments, Smith is against Howley and leaves him on the ropes. Carter takes advantage, jumps on the back of his adversary in Moonsault to the outside. Smith continues with Falcon Arrow on Howley, but the account is stopped by Stoker.

Primate changes to Howley and jumps off the ropes, landing on Carter’s Superkick. Various interferences occur and The Hunt combines Exploder Suplex plus Cannonball on Smith. Primate is the legal man and seeks the auction.

Andrews and Webster took Wild Boar outside, a moment that Smith took advantage of to lift Primate and give the relief to his partner. Doomsday Springboard Cutter for the count of three.

The Hunt (Primate And Wild Boar) Eliminated

Smith is shown superior to Stoker, lifting him in Gutwrench Suplex. Pretty Deadly try to attack in combination, but their rival stops them.

Carter switches and they use a 450 assist for the count of two. Stoker gives the relief to Andrews, which enters sweeping and gives way to Webster. Flash and Mark’s Knee plus Reverse Frankensteiner combo, securing the count of three over Smith.

Ashton Smith And Oliver Carter Eliminated

Pretty Deadly punish Webster, who responds by giving up his partner. Andrews enters with a double Overhead Kick and continues to chain movements. Howley stops his rival by attacking his bad leg caught in the ropes.

Stoker changes and continues with an Airplane Spin transformed into Half Boston Crab. It is not enough and transitions to Figure Four Leglock. Webster interrupts by throwing Howley over the key at Frankensteiner.

After a few moments, Andrews hits the Sundog Millionaire and gives way to Flash, who flies in Senton Bomb on Stoker’s back. Howley saves his partner at the last second and is taken outside. Andrews changes and together with his partner they take Pretty Deadly outside. Senton Bomb from Flash on his opponents.

Andrews runs to jump but. Eddie Dennis appears! Dennis hits Andrews’s bad leg with a chair, leaving him injured in the ring. Howley takes Flash out and takes over. Spinebuster plus Neckbreaker combo for the count of three.

Winners and NEXT CHALLENGERS to the NXT UK Tag Team Championships: Pretty Deadly (Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley)

Joe Coffey celebrates in the distance while Mark Coffey and Wolfgang remain at the entrance of the ring, maintaining a confrontation against their next rivals.