WWE broadcast today, Thursday, January 21, 2021, a new episode of its weekly show NXT UK through WWE Network. As usual, the British brand made the recordings from the BT Sport studio in London UK. The show featured a duel between Kay Lee Ray and Jinny for the NXT UK Women’s Championship.

Rampage Brown vs. Dave Mastiff

Both fighters collide, showing themselves even in strength. Brown takes the lead after hitting with a Dropkick and his opponent response in the same way. The Bomber leads his opponent to the corner, but Rampage pushes him away and jumps in Diving Shoulder Tackle.

Brown is still in control of the fight and fails to attempt a Doctor Bomb ending up with his opponent sitting on top of him. Mastiff does not stop and hits with another Senton Drop.

Mastiff receives a jump from his opponent from the corner on Clothesline and continues with Pumphandle Suplex. It takes a career to execute a Clothesline, although it is Rampage who manages to apply it.

Brown grabs the wrist, drops another Clothesline, and his rival response with an elbow to the back more German Suplex. Mastiff runs for Into the Void, but Brown pulls away in time. The Bomber climbs the corner ready to wear a Suplex.

However, Rampage takes him down and chains Backdrop Suplex plus Doctor Bomb for the count of three.

Winner: Rampage Brown

WALTER’s fight against A-Kid for the NXT UK Championship last week is remembered in a video. A-Kid is proud of the way he represented the Heritage Cup. The “Anonymous Child” indicates that he fell short this time, but promises that next time it will be different.

Kenny Williams talks backstage to Amir Jordan, he has arranged a fight against Tyson T-Bone. Williams claims his rival can destroy Jordan, but he trusts his friend and knows he will be lucky. Jordan walks away uneasy, wondering if he could have found someone smaller. Williams denies it and walks away smiling.

 Jack Starz vs. Ilja Dragunov

Starz confronts Dragunov in the opening sequences, hitting him with a Dropkick. The Unbesiegbar brings his opponent to the canvas, although Starz responds with attempts to count. The fighter of Russian descent stops the rival offensive with a Chop and runs for the Torpedo Moscow, being countered by a Clothesline from his opponent.

The Englishman dodges and connects a German Suplex plus some Uppercuts, leaving Ilja on her knees.

Starz hits a chop to the back of the neck, angering Dragunov who takes heavy blows. The Crimson Menace combines Snap Suplex, a pair of German Suplex plus Pumphandle Suplex. He continues with the Torpedo Moscow and Dragunov hits Starz’s head with a series of elbows, the referee having to intervene to stop the fight.

Winner: Ilja Dragunov

Dragunov keeps elbowing until the referee manages to push him away. The fighter begins to calm down and, when he regains his reason, he is sorry for what he has done to his friend.

Sam Gradwell watches a video on his mobile of Ben Carter, who will return to NXT UK next week. The Thunderstorm claims that he is someone who can be exciting and that he pushed Jordan Devlin to the limit on his debut. Gradwell will see how exciting Carter is when she confronts him next week, promising to send him home.

Tyson T-Bone vs. Amir Jordan (accompanied by Kenny Williams)

Jordan tries to take the initiative at the beginning, although T-Bone manages to win after a Clothesline. Backbreaker plus Fallaway Slam combo on Jordan, continuing with the punishment to the back and with a series of punches.

T-Bone does not give in, elbows his opponent’s back, and insists on dominance. Amir manages to escape with Jawbreaker plus Dropkick. T-Bone collides with the cornerback after missing a charge, although he grabs his rival.

Both fights attempt to count, although it is Jordan who surprises with the count of three.

Winner: Amir Jordan

“Amir Jordan celebrates with Kenny Williams, who is less than enthusiastic about the result.”

Xia Brookside speaks behind the scenes about Nina Samuels. The fighter claims that she first defeated her rival and then received an attack from Samuels as soon as the fight ended. Next up, Samuels cost him his match against Isla Dawn.

Brookside claims that this is not the “Nina Samuels show which wants to dirty her family’s name. Xia promises, she will show him what the Brookside is capable of soon.

Announcements for next week:

Sam Gradwell vs. Ben carter

Fatal 4-Way by elimination to decide the next challengers to the NXT UK Tag Team Championships. Pretty Deadly (Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley) vs. The Hunt (Primate and Wild Boar) vs. Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews vs. Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter.

In addition to the Fatal 4-Way is confirmed. Eddie Dennis will not have permission to accompany The Hunt around the ring.

NXT UK Women’s Championship: Kay Lee Ray (c) vs. Jinny (accompanied by Joseph Conners)

Both are shown pairs, trying to work the opponent’s arm in the first sequences. Ray slaps to reduce his challenger. Meanwhile, the cameras show Piper Niven, Dani Luna, and Amale attentive from the screens.

Ray uses a Front Suplex and misses a jump from the corner, hurting his knee. Jinny takes advantage and executes an Armdrag, launching the champion against the cornerback. The fight continues outside, with Ray reacting for a brief moment.

Back in the ring, where Jinny maintains control. Aoife Valkyrie is briefly shown on the screens as Jinny tosses her opponent from corner to corner. Nina Samuels is also on the screens following the duel.

Jinny uses a modified Surfboard, although Kay Lee Ray manages to reach the ropes. Xia Brookside is the next to appear on the screens. Jinny does not give ground, hits with a pair of Touch of Couture and Ray responds with Superkick.

Kay Lee Ray’s Superkick plus DDT combo that fits two. The champion applies Koji Clutch, although her rival manages to turn it into an account that reaches two. The Fashionista hits her opponent’s face with her knee and follows with Clothesline for the count of two.

Kay Lee Ray catches for Gory Bomb a move that does not finish since Conners causes the distraction. Jinny knees the midfield places Ray in the corner and performs a Makeover. Conners grabbed Ray’s legs for the count of two, an action the referee saw. The officer ordered the expulsion of the fighter from the surroundings of the ring.

Kay Lee Ray’s Superkick. The champion runs abroad and snatches the NXT UK Championship from Conners. Jinny takes advantage of the distraction, though she fails to hit with the title. The referee removes the belt and Kay Lee Ray takes the opportunity to use the Gory Bomb for the count of three.

Winner and STILL CHAMPION: Kay Lee Ray