WWE broadcast today, Thursday, February 25, 2021, a new episode of its weekly show NXT UK through WWE Network. As usual, the British brand made the recordings from the BT Sport studio in London, UK. The show featured a match for the NXT UK Tag Team Championships between Gallus and Pretty Deadly. The show opens with a video reminder of the rivalry between Gallus (Mark Coffey and Wolfgang) against Pretty Deadly (Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley). The loser must become the winner’s assistant for one month.

Xia Brookside Vs. Nina Samuels

Brookside attacks as soon as the bell rings, hitting Dropkick. Samuels is overcome and has to flee out of the ring, taking the fight outside. Samuels manages to launch his rival against the pile of suitcases at the entrance and they return to the inside of the ring. Punishment behind Brookside’s back, with Samuels catching on Hammerlock Armbar. Brookside manages to escape and counterattacks with Neckbreaker and Dropkick out of the ring. Both fighters fight in the surroundings of the ring, but Samuels manages to throw his opponent against the edge. Brookside returns before the count of 10, leaving his opponent stunned. Samuels asks Henry, his assistant, to give him his bag. However, Henry refuses. Samuels snatches her bag and prepares to hit her opponent. Brookside dodges, kicks her purse away, and covers in Jackknife Hold for the count of three.

Winner: Xia Brookside

Samuels is incredulous with the result and is crying in the ring. Meanwhile, Brookside celebrates with the pile of suitcases. Trent Seven is shown in a video, feeling happy with how he has coped with the current situation. He has to handle the pressure and he has to keep training, even though the world is different and there are more restrictions. You have to face the moment and stick with what you have. The fighter continues his training tirelessly, while he is shown running through different scenarios. Seven tries not to get obsessed and focuses on doing simple things, a light diet, etc. However, there are times when it costs him and, despite everything, he continues to work to improve physically. Seven admits that his ultimate reward will be defeating Jordan Devlin for the NXT Cruiserweight Championship.

Ilja Dragunov is interviewed backstage after his latest outbursts. The Unbesiegbar admits that he does not know what happened, but remembers that there was someone nearby blaming him for everything, provoking him. Sam Gradwell enters the scene protected from a security guard. Gradwell says Dragunov is acting like a child throwing tantrums and attacked Jack Starz, Tyson T-Bone, and tried it on him. Dragunov understands that there is a challenge and accepts the duel, warning him that next time there will be no one to protect him. Gradwell leaves insulting his rival.

Bailey Matthews Vs. Tyler Bate

Matthews begins controlling the fight, knocking down his rival without releasing the wrist. Bate tries to counter him, but Matthews takes him to the canvas with a Wristlock. Bate tries to answer, but the young rookie insists with more arm locks and a Headlock. Matthews Backslide for the count of two. The former NXT UK champion tries to come back from the fight and they cross Uppercuts, finishing with a Gutwrench Suplex from Matthews for the count of two.

Bate gains momentum after hitting the face with a kick and chains Exploder Suplex plus Standing Shooting Star Press, but it is not enough. Matthews dodges an Airplane Spin and looks for the count of two. Bate resists his opponent’s Uppercuts, slowing him down with Rolling Kopu Kick plus Tyler Driver for the count of three.

Winner: Tyler Bate

Tyler Bate shakes Matthews’ hand as a sign of respect and celebrates in the ring.A video is broadcast in which a new fighter comments on the story of a child, a certain “Lucky Kid. ” His story began in one of the poorest and most complicated districts of Berlin, where he was trying to survive with his family. Being the eldest son, he had to go to the streets to take care of them. However, in that environment, he only survived with money or friends and he had neither. Nobody respected him and his family lost faith. Still, he knew that one day everyone would end up fearing him, respecting him, and honoring his name. Coming soon to NXT UK.

Joseph Conners is interviewed at the UK Performance Center until Piper Niven arrives to interrupt him. Niven threatens him or tells him where Jinny is or he will beat him out. Conners laughs, Niven is always looking for Jiinny, someone great. Instead, Niven only sees an ordinary woman when she looks in the mirror. Piper Niven hits him and Jinny appears, assaulting her rival from behind. NXT UK security arrives to separate the fighters as Sid Scala, assistant general manager, yells that such behavior is not tolerated in the Performance Center.

Niveen keeps arguing with Scala, he wants to face Conners and Jinny in a 2 vs. 2 handicap match. 1. Scala says she can’t do that, angering the fighter. Niven grabs Jack Starz and says that he will be his partner, forcing him to make the fight official in a mixed match.

 Lana Austin Vs. Aoife Valkyrie

Valkyrie outstrips her rival early on, knocking her down and kicking her leg. Austin manages to knock down his opponent and then hit with a powerful Dropkick. Austin slams Valkyrie into the cornerback, but the Irish fighter goes on the counterattack with a Neckbreaker. Austin begs for mercy, making his opponent hesitate and then surprise with a score that reaches two. Valkyrie escapes from Austin, connects Enzuigiri and Spinning Heel Kick. Valkyrie ends up finishing off Peripeteia for the count of three.

Winner: Aoife Valkyrie

Xia Brookside is interviewed on leaving the UK Performance Center. She says she’s happy about her win, but someone else isn’t. Nina Samuels appears carrying her rival’s suitcases, having trouble doing so.

Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan are interviewed, with Jordan indicating that they will be watching the outcome of today’s main event. Jordan says they will go for the championships as soon as his partner is ready to return. Williams stops him, is more than 100% recovered from his injury, and will return to action next week against Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter. Williams points out that they will have to put Jordan’s individual career aside to return to focus on the tag team championships. Jordan agrees with him, they have things to work on and they leave. A new video reviews the rivalry between Kay Lee Ray, NXT UK Champion, and Meiko Satomura. It is recalled that both will fight for the belt next week.

NXT UK Billboard for Next Week

Supernova Sessions, where Noam Dar will interview Tyler Bate
Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan vs. Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter
Ilja Dragunov vs. Sam gradwell
NXT UK Women’s Championship: Kay Lee Ray (c) vs. Meiko samurai
NXT UK billboard for two weeks from now

Dave Mastiff Vs.Tyler Bate

Piper Niven and Jack Starz vs. Jinny and Joseph Conners in the first mixed match in NXT UK history NXT UK Tag Team Championship Gallus (Mark Coffey and Wolfgang) (c) vs. Pretty Deadly (Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley)Coffey outperforms Stoker, who has to give up his teammate shortly after starting. Wolfgang also enters and gets angry, punishing his opponent’s arm. Gallus manages to prevail over their challengers, getting them out of the ring after some exchanges. Howley returns against Coffey, being knocked down with Hip Toss. Wolfgang changes runs to the corner, and crashes into him, as Stoker manages to save his partner in time.

The challengers face the champions, but Wolfgang manages to throw Stoker side to side in the ring. Howley causes the distraction, allowing Stoker to hit Wolfgang’s back with a knee, knocking him out. Howley pushes his opponent against a cornerback and drives him back inside. Pretty Deadly focus the offense on the back and arm of their opponent, attacking in turns. Wolfgang reacts, flies into Diving Bodysplash on Howley’s back, and looks for relief. Stoker changes and tries to stop him, but Wolfgang pushes and there is a relief to Coffey.

Mark throws Howley in Half Nelson Slam plus Suplex over Stoker. The Gallus fighter hits with Diving Bulldog and Russian Leg Sweep on Howley, who escapes giving the change to his partner. Stoker instantly receives a Backdrop Suplex, bringing the count to two. Pretty Deadly take over without Coffey seeing him, a moment that Howley takes advantage of to combine a Gutbuster with Stoker, bordering on victory.

Coffey knocks out Howley with a Ganmengiri and switches to Wolfgang. Gallus hit with Wolfgang’s assisted Samoan Drop plus Moonsault, but Stoker led the save. Coffey throws Stoker into Chokeslam against the edge of the ring and Howley surprises Wolfgang with a count of two. Gallus instantly charges Spear, counts to two. Coffey is once again the legal man on his team. Stoker interferes and provokes Wolfgang, who comes out to chase him around the ring. Howley surprises and knocks out Wolfgang with a Running Uppercut, sending him over the barriers.

Pretty Deadly Codebreaker Combo, but not enough to win. Stoker and Howley attempt to attack with the champion belts while Stoker distracts the referee. Coffey avoids it at first, but Stoker arrives and lands a DDT on one of the championships. Relay Howley and Pretty Deadly finish off Coffey with the Spilt Milk for the count of three.

Winners and NEW CHAMPION Pretty Deadly (Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley)