WWE broadcast today, Thursday, February 11, 2021, a new episode of its weekly show NXT UK through WWE Network. As usual, the British brand made the recordings from the BT Sport studio in London UK. The show featured a Street Fight between Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster against Eddie Dennis and Primate.

The show begins by reviewing the rivalry between Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster against Eddie Dennis and The Hunt (Primate and Wild Boar). The footage is shown of Sid Scala, NXT UK Assistant General Manager, arriving in a room. Andrews comes out and claims that they have evened the situation, having knocked out Wild Boar.


Meiko prevails at the start, keeping pace with the fight. NXT UK Champion Kay Lee Ray is following the match from afar. Dawn fights back, but her rival gets angry and responds with a Spinning Heel Kick. The Japanese work her opponent’s arm until Dawn manages to call with a Fisherman Suplex. The White Witch insists on his offense and applies a double knee on the run.

Both go up to the corner, where Satomura manages to use a Superplex. Kick to Dawn’s face and the count is doubled. The Scottish wrestler answers with Backdrop Suplex. However, Meiko does not give ground and chains DDT plus Cartwheel Knee Drop to the back of her opponent. The veteran secures the count of three after finishing with a Scorpio Rising.

Winner: Meiko Satomura


Rampage Brown arrives at an office where Joe Coffey also enters. A video is played on a screen showing Johnny Saint General Manager of NXT UK. The manager affirms that he has been seeing them in recent weeks and has decreed a fight between the two for the next show. Coffey retreats with a warning to his rival this is his Kingdom.

Video presentation of Dani Luna, which they show with their training. The wrestler claims that her strength has led her to WWE. Luna indicates that weightlifting has taught her to keep pushing until she achieves her goals. You know you are on the right track if you keep improving and you will continue to the top.

Aoife Valkyrie appears in a cryptic video mentioning that she is focused on her goal and feels the pressure. She feels ready to take flight, although she wonders what will happen if she ends up falling.

Meiko Satomura Speaks Behind The Scenes After The Fight. The Japanese Say That She Is Now In Nxt Uk And Is Prepared To Fight Kay Lee Ray.

Noam Dar welcomes his segment, Supernova Sessions. After talking about his therapist in the introduction, he introduces today’s guest Sha Samuels. They are both friends and they sit on the couch like the superstars that they are. Dar is surprised, two great friends, succeeding, and Samuels is finally where he deserves. Samuels agrees with him and mentions something that bothered him. The wardrobe vital wouldn’t be in NXT UK if it weren’t for their hard work. After an 18-year career, he came to NXT UK and was introduced to Ed Harvey. The wrestler gets angry and Dar has to calm him down.

Dar remembers, it has been a long road but they have had good times. Samuels stops his friend when he was about to tell an anecdote since he is not suitable to tell it in public. Dar agrees and indicates that we must look to the future to find a rival for him and he can grant it.

Sid Scala arrives to interrupt as they cannot organize fights without his permission. Samuels yells at the manager that he’s just an assistant to Saint. Give corrects, is the assistant. Still, the Supernova notes that they owe Sha one after the name change incident. The Scotsman insists, his friend represents the legacy of British pro-wrestling, calling for a Samuels vs. A-Kid for the Heritage Cup. She mocks the Spaniard wondering where he is. Scala admits the mistake, they will consider the proposal and he says goodbye. Samuels and Dar try to share another story not suitable for audiences before ending the segment.

Nina Samuels speaks in a video about Xia Brookside. He has heard what his rival was saying and agrees to give him a rematch. However, it will be with a special stipulation: if Brookside loses, he will have to be his personal assistant for a whole month. Samuels says goodbye stating that he will get Brookside to carry his suitcases.

Trent Seven speaks in a video about his training. Despite being the oldest, he keeps trying to improve. He admits that it is difficult to find the motivation to train in such difficult times. He is fortunate to be able to train and prepare his body at the UK Performance Center, working with a clear goal to drop to 205 pounds (93 kilograms) to face Jordan Devlin. He is sacrificing himself for it and in the end, he will have his reward defeating Devlin to be crowned Cruiserweight Champion.

 Amale vs. Piper Niven

A male slaps her rival, but Niven responds the same followed by a Running Crossbody. The Scottish fighter destroys her opponent until Joseph Conners arrives at the entrance of the ring, distracting her. A male takes the opportunity to attack his opponent from behind and charges with a kick in the corner. The French fighter is unable to lift Niven, who counterattacks with a more Cannonball header to the corner. Niven hits a Piper Driver for the count of three.

Winner: Piper Niven


It is confirmed through a video that in two weeks there will be a fight for the NXT UK Tag Team Championships Gallus (Mark Coffey and Wolfgang) will defend their belts against Pretty Deadly (Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley).