Monday Night Raw begins with a review of what happened last week when Bobby Lashley became the new WWE Champion. The Hurt Business walk backstage when they are interrupted for an interview. Lashley says he is happy, after waiting 16 years and dealing with all kinds of obstacles, he got the title he was looking for. I will show everyone that what happens to The Miz will be what will happen to whoever gets in the ring with me,” he says. Bobby says that he will arrive as champion at Wrestlemania and that this is the beginning of the Almighty Era.

The Miz comes out to the ring accompanied by John Morrison. He complains that he was made to fight despite feeling bad. Miz says he was smarter than everyone in seeking a count-out loss to retain the title, and that nowhere did his contract said he had to defend the title twice in one night. “But I was forced. I was threatened that if I didn’t defend the title that I worked so hard for, I would be taken away and put Lashley on,” Miz shoots, and recalls that it was a Lumberjack Match, making things worse. Miz ends up screaming that he will be champion again tonight because he is. Fight for the WWE Championship

Bobby Lashley (c) Vs. The Miz (c / John Morrison)

Miz dodges Lashley and steps out of the ring. MVP stands in front of Miz at ringside, Lashley tries to get him back into the ring but Miz punishes him with the top rope. Lashley’s Vertical Suplex on the attack Drew McIntyre watches the match from backstage. Miz dodges Lashley causing him to crash into the post, but the champion quickly knocks him off a Clothesline. Returning from commercials, Lashley continues to dominate in the ring. Miz charges his Clothesline against the corner, but Lashley catches him and throws him into the other corner. Miz manages to land a few kicks and knocks Lashley out of the ring. He goes after him but Bobby dodges him and loads on his shoulders to crash hard against the post. Flatliner and a hail of punches for Miz in the ring. Brutal Spinebuster for Miz, Lashley prepares to finish off his rival. The Hurt Lock in the middle of the ring. Miz surrenders!
Winner: Bobby Lashley.

It is announced that next week the sale of tickets for Wrestlemania will begin. Drew McIntyre is interviewed backstage. Furious he yells asking where are Lashley’s passion and guts. Sheamus attacks Drew! The Celtic Warrior surprises his old friend with a brutal attack. Drew McIntyre storms backstage. He crosses paths with Adam Pearce and claims a No DQ match against Sheamus for tonight.