I’m in my prime, I’m a legend, in my era. As you were. Actually, what do you say? The Cerebral Assasin is still there? The Game I won’t ask you for a fight. But a fight. good fight. Tonight, in this ring. You and me hand in hand. Accept my challenge launches Orton. There is no benefit to me. The answer is no says Triple H as he prepares to leave the ring. Randy tells her that he has the balls in Stephanie McMahon’s purse. Triple hits Randy From the ramp, Randy assumes that Triple H accepted the challenge.

Charlotte Flair is interviewed before going into the ring.

She says Lacey Evans is neither the first nor the last woman to have flirted with her father in front of her. Flair gets upset that they keep asking her about her father who is at her house when she is about to have a match now. Lacey Evans says Charlotte should calm down. I didn’t flirt with anyone who didn’t want me to says Lacey dedicating her match to Ric Flair. This one’s for you honey Lacey says and blows a kiss for the Nature Boy.

Drew McIntyre sent a message. He says he tested positive for Covid 19 and raises awareness about the care that people should take to avoid the spread of the virus.

Charlotte Flair vs. Lacey Evans

Lacey lands the first punch but Charlotte knocks her down and goes on the attack with confidence. Chops and Chops to bring down Evans again. In the middle of Charlotte, Ric Flair comes out. After the break, Lacey stomps Charlotte against the squinero. Flair tries to respond but Evans knocks her down and unloads punches. Charlotte misses a kick and Lacey grabs her hair. Charlotte manages to land a kick and Clothesline. Neckbreaker and Exploder Suplex to grow in the match. Forearm punch and Big Boot to get Lacey out of the ring. Natural Selection on Lacey, but Ric helps her put her leg on the rope. Charlotte gets distracted but avoids the Women’s Right. He yells at Ric to get away and looks for a Suplex. Once again, Ric grabs her by the foot and makes her fall with Lacey on her, which Evans takes advantage of to cover.
Winner: Lacey Evans.

Sarah tries to interview Lacey Evans,

who walks off laughing alongside Ric Flair but Lacey barely responds and doesn’t stop.

Keith Lee is interviewed but Shamus immediately cuts him off. Sheamus says he earned Drew McIntyre’s respect last week and thus his. The Miz and John Morrison cut them off to remind them that Miz still has the Money in the Bank contract. Miz says they want to fix their 2020 mistakes and the first is the two of them. Keith and Sheamus accept the challenge.

Jaxson Ryker says Elias’s music inspires and tonight, inspires him to destroy. Ryker prepares to face Jeff Hardy.

Jeff Hardy vs. Jaxson Ryker (w / Elias)

Ryker charges and punishes Jeff in the early stages of combat. Jeff responds but Elias gets up from the commentary table, causing him to be distracted. Jaxson takes the opportunity to cover with Roll-Up.
Winner: Jaxson Ryker.

Jeff Hardy challenges Elias. You’re afraid people know that Jaxson Ryker is better than you, Jeff throws. Elias accepts and asks Ryker not to interfere in the meeting.

Jeff Hardy vs. Elias (w / Jaxson Ryker)

Jeff manages to dominate with his classic offense but fails to score. Elias avoids the Twist of Fate and goes on the attack cornering Jeff. Elias’s Knee Strike and Spinning Neckbreaker for the count of two. Jeff Swanton Bomb for a count of three.
Winner Jeff Hardy.

Sheamus & Keith Lee vs. The Miz & John Morrison

Sheamus and Morrison start the fight. Sheamus takes down and steps on John before taking over. Morrison escapes and looks for relief Miz enters and cannot with Lee. Keith gets them both out of the ring with ease. Relay for Sheamus who launches with Clothesline on both. Relays between Lee and Sheamus to dominate Miz. Keith tosses him to his corner for Morrison to enter. John kicks Keith’s leg repeatedly. Keith gets up and hits a hard header. He throws it from corner to corner and charges against the post, causing the protector to come off and the top rope to fall. Returning from commercials, the ring is fixed. Sheamus and Keith check it out by throwing Miz hard against the protector. DDT from Miz to Sheamus and counts on one. John hits Sheamus against his corner and Miz re-enters. Both continue to control Sheamus but without being able to defeat him. Sheamus Irish Curse Backbreaker to save time and space. Lee walks in and runs over Morrison and Miz. Suplex for one Suplex for another Keith dominates the ring with authority. Keith enjoys his moment but Sheamus takes over. Brogue Kick for Morrison for a count of three.
Winners Keith Lee & Sheamus.


Triple H says he came here for a business not to fight. Randy Orton can’t understand what people like Ric Flair Mark Henry Big Show should mean to him. They made the way for people like him or me, he says. Triple H responds with intensity looking at the camera. Do you want to fight against me? On behalf of