Review of the final moments of WWE Elimination Chamber, where The Miz redeemed the Money in the Bank briefcase to beat Drew McIntyre and become the new WWE Champion. John Morrison opens the show from the ring, decorated with balloons, to introduce The Miz. The Champion remembers his beginning in the company, where he had many detractors, and compares it with the current moment where he has the main title. Miz says that “the great titans” like John Cena, Batista, and even Edge, are not up to him.

Bobby Lashley and MVP step into the ring. They congratulate The Miz on behalf of The Hurt Business, but MVP remembers a part Miz missed: Lashley’s brutal attack on McIntyre. Miz says he was about to get to that part, and he intends to continue with his celebration. MVP doesn’t want to end the meeting. “Your friend cost my partner the United States Championship. Now Lashley helped you, and he’s the first in line to fight for the title, says MVP. Miz agrees that that was the arrangement, but didn’t say when. As a champion, Miz says he has a lot of obligations. Lashley gets upset and grabs Miz by the tie. It gives you an hour to demonstrate your common sense and ensures that one way or another it will take away the title in a painful, merciless, and “awesome” way.

Riddle talks to Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik backstage. After a friendly chat, Luca House Party asks him if he shouldn’t be on his way to his match with John Morrison. Riddle says yes but he has a way of getting there fast: a skateboard. Fight for the United States Championship

Riddle (c) Vs. John Morrison

Riddle looks for an Armbar as soon as the bell rings but John escapes quickly. They trade blows, Riddle catches a Morrison kick and looks to connect several. Riddle’s Gutwrench Suplex and count of two. John’s Dragon Sleeper, Riddle stands up and goes to the other side of the ropes. Morrison knocks him down with a kick and flies into Corkscrew Iron towards ringside. Suplexing John on the edge of the ring, Riddle dominates before commercials.

Upon returning, Morrison applies an Alabama Slam and searches for the account without success. Pele Kick from Riddle, who charges Forearm Smash against the cornerback. Riddle continues to attack but Morrison dodges him and steps out of the ring. Riddle’s Floating Bro towards ringside. German Suplex with a bridge for the count of two on John. Morrison’s Spanish Fly from the second rope for a count of two. John connects a Knee Strike and looks for the Starship Pain,
Winner: Riddle.

Rhea Ripley is announced to be coming to Monday Night Raw soon. Bad Bunny walks with Damian Priest backstage. The singer says get used to seeing him with the title every week because Priest is with him all the time. On one side is R-Truth with a referee. Priest and Bunny see him, but Truth assures that he is not planning anything. He says a few more confusing things and runs away.

The Miz complains to Adam Pearce about Bobby Lashley’s ultimatum. Pearce says that in part he agrees with him, but that as champion he should face the most powerful rival, in this case, Lashley. Miz insists but Adam reminds him that time is running out.

The New Day (Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) Vs. Retribution (T-bar & Mace W / Mustafa Ali)

T-Bar dominates from the start of the fight. Mace takes over and after a Big Boot from his partner looks for the account about Kofi. As Mace attacks, T-Bar charges towards Woods but he knocks him out of the ring. The relay in RETRIBUTION, Kofi receives with Trouble in Paradise to T-Bar and achieves the count of three.
Winners: The New Day.

After the fight, Ali angrily yells at his teammates. He asks them how many more times they are going to fail him, how many more times are they going to fail. Ali looks outraged and not sure what to do.

Bobby Lashley And Mvp Walk Backstage With Less Than Four Minutes Left For Miz To Decide.

Adam Pearce enters the ring and announces that the stipulated time has passed. It features Bobby Lashley, who comes out alongside MVP, and then The Miz who arrives with John Morrison. Lashley is in his wrestling clothes, while Miz arrives in a suit. I made my decision. I need more time, says Miz. Lashley gets upset and says don’t waste his time, because it’s like losing money and he doesn’t like that. Miz says he is concerned about the honor and respect of the title, MVP insists that there should be no one before Lashley. I want to give you the best of me, that’s why I need time, to fight like a title deserves,” Miz talks and talks until he is interrupted.

Braun Strowman arrives in the ring. Adam tells him he can’t interrupt like this, but Braun says he does what he wants and deserves the chance more than Bobby Lashley. Miz says that Lashley can’t let them talk to him like that, but is again interrupted.

Shane McMahon comes to Raw. Shane tells Braun that things don’t work that way, and reminds him that the Elimination Chamber was for former champions, something Strowman is not. “I think the idea is betting. Lashley sucks, and everyone is betting. I want a starting shot today,” shouts Strowman. Shane says the idea sucks. Braun then demands a match against Bobby Lashley. Shane and Adam like the idea and it confirms. Shane adds interest to the match,  If Strowman beats Lashley, there will be a Triple Threat for the title next week,  The Miz vs. Braun Strowman vs. Bobby Lashley. Strowman takes the floor but Lashley surprises him with a tackle to his knee.

Combat Tornado Tag Team

The Hurt Business (Shelton Benjamin & Cedric Alexander) vs. Lucha House Party (Lince Dorado & Gran Metalik), MVP joins the commentary table. The Raw Tag Team Champions dominate the first minutes of the match with force and aggression. Metalik attacks but Shelton stops him with a Suplex. Cedric punishes Lince at ringside, Metalik responds with punches to Benjamin in a corner. Benjamin connects a powerful Powerbomb, Lynx saves his partner from the count of three. Dorado still wants to protect Metalik but is now destroyed by rivals. Cedric makes a hand stop against the ropes, Lince takes him by the wrists to get him out of the ring. Lucha House Party kick and Frog Splash on Shelton, but Alexander arrives just to interrupt the account. Hurricanrana to Cedric, who escapes from Metalik. Shelton throws Lynx at Cedric to land a brutal Knee Strike. Shelton finishes off with the Paydirt for the count of three.
Winners: The Hurt Business.

Damian Priest (c / Bad Bunny) vs. Angel Garza

Priest dominates at the beginning of the fight. Angel manages to respond after crashing him into the corner. Garza connects Clotheslines and goes on the attack while messing with Bad Bunny at ringside. Garza applies a key in the middle of the ring, Priest resists with pain and fury. Damian manages to get up and connects an elbow to Angel. Kick and right hand for Garza, another kick and when he prepares to continue attacking, Garza falls. Splash against the corner and Broken Arrow for the count of two.

Garza goes on the attack again, and after knocking down Priest he messes with Bad Bunny, challenging him to get into the ring. Bunny goes up a couple of steps but tells him to look back. Priest connects two big kicks and prepares to finish off Garza. Hit The Lights for a count of three on Garza.
Winner: Damian Priest.

After the fight, Akira Tozawa, Humberto Carrillo, and Drew Gulak run to the ring in search of the 24/7 Championship. The priest quickly finishes with Carrillo and Tozawa, while Gulak dodges him and goes straight to Bad Bunny. The champion dodges it and pushes out of the ring.

Randy Orton speaks from backstage. He says that last week he should have won the Gauntlet, and therefore would have had an advantage in the Elimination Chamber. “Every time I have a problem commissioning that, as I did with The Fiend,” says Orton and remembers setting it on fire. Orton says he’s distracted, but not by The Fiend, by Alexa Bliss. In the middle of his speech, images of what he is narrating are seen. Randy, who had already coughed in his speech, chokes and begins to spit out thick black liquid.

Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax Vs. Charlotte Flair & Asuka

Shayna and Asuka begin the meeting with the exchange of keys. Relays for both corners, Charlotte connects Chops and puts Jax on the ropes. Asuka and Charlotte team up to Dropkick Jax and get him out of the ring. Flair and Asuka control the situation. Returning from commercials, Shayna and Nia keep Asuka out of her corner. Shayna seeks to hurt her arm but Asuka escapes and gives relief to Charlotte. Flair attacks both rivals and manages to reduce them for a few minutes, but Jax responds with a Powerbomb that almost gives him the victory. Short relays of the champions to maintain control over Charlotte.

Shayna runs to attack Asuka to avoid the tag. Figure Four from Charlotte to Baszler, but Jax interrupts with a Leg Drop. Finally, Asuka takes over and sweeps Hip Attacks from corner to corner. Double Knees and a count of two on Jax. Apply the Armbar but Shayna breaks the account with a hard kick. Try the Asuka Lock, Charlotte seeks to kick Baszler but at that moment she turns and causes him to hit Asuka by mistake. Jax takes advantage of the situation and finishes Asuka with a Leg Drop.
Winners: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler.

Sheamus vs. Jeff Hardy

Sheamus has the initiative and immediately hits Jeff. Catch Hardy’s arm and connect elbows. Jeff shakes it off by pulling it out of the ring. Hardy continues to attack at ringside, drives off the steps, and connects the Poetry in Motion. After the break, Sheamus connects three Backbreakers to Jeff. Hardy lands on his feet after a Suplex knocks Sheamus into the post and applies the Whisper in the Wind. Despite Sheamus’s response, Jeff manages to knock him down and apply a Splash from the second rope, but it’s not enough. Jeff’s Twist of Fate, who happens to look for height. Sheamus goes for him, Jeff goes down but feels his knee. Jeff dodges a Brogue Kick but falls to a second attempt.
Winner: Sheamus.

Charlotte Flair meets her father, Ric Flair, backstage. Charlotte tells him that she can’t focus on her things, because of Lacey Evans. “I’ve told you before, it’s not about whether I’m better or you are. It’s about protecting our legacy, Charlotte says, and asks him to please leave. Ric says that even though he danced when he found out about Lacey’s pregnancy, he didn’t say it was his. Ric thinks Evans can be a great fighter and wants to motivate her. Ric tells Charlotte that he loves her and just wanted to help out the women’s division. Charlotte doesn’t see it the same way. “You say you want to support women and you are my main support, but when I’m in the ring you draw attention. When I’m there it’s my moment. I think you still want to be the Nature Boy, even at the expense of your daughter Charlotte shoots. She thanks her father for everything he did, but wants him to let her be herself.

Lana & Naomi Vs. Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke

Lana manages to connect some attacks to Dana, but soon Mandy enters and knocks her down. Lana manages to take over and attack Dana in her corner. Naomi finishes off Rose for the count of three.
Winners: Lana & Naomi.

AJ Styles (c / Omos) Vs. Ricochet

Ricochet surprises with a Dropkick at the start. He kicks AJ out of the ring and greets him back with a Michinoku Driver. Styles manages to respond and applies a Dropkick to stop Ricochet. AJ bounces Ricochet off the ropes to search for Styles Clash as he did in their last encounter, but Ricochet notices and escapes with a pin. German Suplex and another has about three. He tries a 630 but AJ turns to dodge it. Knee Strike that knocks down Ricochet and Styles Clash to finish him off.
Winner: AJ Styles.

The Miz and John Morrison talk about what suits them in regards to Lashley and Strowman when the Monster Among Men appears before them.

Braun Strowman Vs. Bobby Lashley

Physical and intense start from the beginning. Strowman charges and takes Bobby out of the ring, who dodges thereby causing him to collide with the metal steps. Lashley’s Flatliner, who tries the Hurt Lock next. Braun escapes and also avoids a Suplex. Braun applies his Running Powerslam but Lashley resists. Bobby and Spear’s Brutal Spinebuster to finish off Strowman.
Winner: Bobby Lashley.

Next week, Bobby Lashley will face The Miz for the WWE Championship. After the match, Bobby applies the Hurt Lock to Braun in the middle of the ring until he falls unconscious. Miz enters the ring to try to attack Bobby but Lashley stops him. Spear for Miz, Lashley dominates the show.