The Miz opens the show to kick off Miz TV. Your guest is WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre. Before starting, he apologizes for the absence of John Morrison, who according to Miz is preparing a diss track for Bad Bunny. Miz asks how Drew stays so focused heading into Elimination Chamber, and remembers among other things, the betrayal of his friend Sheamus.

Drew looks like he’s going to answer several times, but Miz keeps talking. McIntyre gets fed up and yells at Miz to shut up. The champion stands up and says that if he interrupts him again he will attack him. Miz does so and receives a Glasgow Kiss from Drew. McIntyre tosses the Money in the Bank briefcase out of the ring and leaves.

Miz is left talking alone in the ring. He says there are a lot of variables in Elimination Chamber that could go wrong for Drew, and he remembers that he has the briefcase in his possession and can trade it in. But that he says this does not imply that he will. “I’m a master strategist,” Miz yells. “And I want every fighter who is trying to win the WWE or Universal Championship, I am in control. When everything calms down … be it WWE or Universal, when I trade, I will be in this ring as Champion,” he says euphorically. Miz announces that he is leaving the Elimination Chamber match this Sunday.

Riddle talks to Golden Lynx and Gran Metalik before going into battle. As it is President’s Day, Riddle talks about his favorite presidents, with erroneous and fictitious data such as that President Ford was a friend of Chewbacca.The Hurt Business (MVP, Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin) vs. Riddle & Lucha House Party (Lince Dorado & Gran Metalik)
Shelton and Lince initiate the encounter. Benjamin dominates with force and corners Lynx. Cedric applies a Suplex and looks for the bill.

Metalik takes over, stands on Lince’s shoulders, and crosses over to Alexander. He takes Benjamin out of the ring, but from there The Hurt Business stops the attack and controls the situation. Returning from commercials, Cedric applies an Abdominal Stretch that goes into coverage, but Metalik escapes in time.

The Hurt Business maintains the relay attack until Metalik lands a DDT on Shelton. Riddle enters and charges at the opponents. MVP knocks him down and connects the Ballin Elbow. Lucha House Party breaks the count and the combat becomes chaotic for a few moments. Final Flash from Riddle to Benjamin, Lynx flies to ringside over him afterward. Brutal Knee Strike from RIddle to MVP and Floating Bro for the count of three.
Winners: Riddle & Lucha House Party.

Bobby Lashley attacks the winners! The United States Champion surprises them on the ramp and attacks the three fighters from behind. Hurt Lock for RIddle. The Miz talks to Adam Pearce backstage. He appreciates the opportunity to be in Elimination Chamber but says he wants to give that opportunity to someone on the rise who needs to be there. His proposal: John Morrison. Adam says he will think about it.

Bad Bunny talks to Mandy Rose backstage. Damian Priest arrives and joins Bad Bunny for an interview. During the interview, Akira Tozawa appears chasing R-Truth. Akira Tozawa is the new 24/7 Champion. Priest attacks Tozawa by throwing him against some production containers and tells Bad Bunny to cover him. Bad Bunny is the new 24/7 Champion.

Adam Pearce meets The New Day backstage. Kofi Kingston claims the place that Miz left, arguing that he was WWE Champion. Miz appears and starts arguing with them. Adam calms them down and gives an idea. Miz will face Kofi, if he wins, Morrison will have the place. If Kofi wins, the place is yours.

Before the next match, Lacey Evans thanks Charlotte Flair for disqualifying herself from her match last week. Evans enters accompanied by Ric Flair and Peyton Royce and continues talking down the ramp. Lacey says that on Sunday he will take the Asuka Championship.


Asuka and Peyton start the fight. Asuka takes control and passes the baton to Charlotte. Flair wants to face Lacey, but Royce remains in the ring. Asuka connects kicks and Charlotte to various Chops. Peyton avoids a kick and lands one of his own to knock Asuka down. Peyton checks and searches for the account without success. Asuka takes over and Charlotte prevents Peyton from arriving.

He takes her out of the ring and stars face to face against the commentary table. Peyton takes over from Lacey, but she gets out of the ring. Lacey says Charlotte won’t get her hands on him. Charlotte, I am pregnant. Ric celebrates dancing down the ramp and the fight ends there. Sheamus is interviewed. The Celtic Warrior assures that he will give a Brogue Kick to all his rivals on Sunday and will be the new WWE Champion.


Good start for Miz, knocking down and dodging Kofi. Kingston responds with a kick in the corner and looks for height to launch himself with a Clothesline. Kofi kicks from the edge of the ring and climbs to the second rope. He launches into the Ax Handle and returns Miz to the ring to search for the account. Kingston continues to attack, connects a great Dropkick but it is still not enough to finish off Miz.

Another kick for Miz, who then dodges it and applies Neckbreaker on the apron and at ringside. Returning from the break, Miz throws a kick but Kofi blocks and attempts a Jackknife pin. Miz’s DDT for a count of two. Outside the ring, Miz punishes Kofi against the barricade. Kofi charges into the ring, Miz dodges him and makes him crash hard against the post. Miz kick and another two count. Kingston thrives on kicking and clothesline combat. Boom Drop for Miz and Kingston prepares to finish it off.

Miz dodges the Trouble in Paradise and tries a pin. Kofi’s SOS for another account of two. Kofi’s Springboard Crossbody, Miz catches him and spins. Miz punches Kofi’s knee against the top rope by catching a kick from Kingston. Figure Four of Miz in the middle of the ring. Kingston reaches the rope. Kofi spins to avoid Miz’s shot and connects the Trouble in Paradise.
Winner: Kofi Kingston.


Lana is interviewed with Naomi. Lana just wants to do her best and tries to exploit her potential week after week. He considers Naomi to be his lucky charm. Naomi adds that Nia Jax deserved to get across the table and so much more. He assures that Lana will continue her good streak.

Randy Orton speaks from backstage. He claims that the affairs between him and Drew McIntyre remain unfinished. But it doesn’t matter because tonight he will beat the Gauntlet and will do whatever it takes to take what he wants. “See what I did with The Fiend. It was a problem and I set it on fire, and now it is gone,” Randy recalls giving an example of what he can do to achieve his goals. “Today I will not be in the ring with five opponents, but with five victims, ​​he says. Victims of the three most dangerous letters. R. K but Randy’s message is interrupted.

Alexa Bliss is at the Firefly Funhouse. He talks about the fire and the ashes but says that in the future “he will be rewarded. The shot is enlarged and Bliss stands inside a circle with a pentagram and candles. The lights turn red as Bliss laughs devilishly. AJ Styles heads to the ring with Olmos. He talks about Kofi Kingston, asking if he’s looking for a Kofimania 2. Styles says he’ll win tonight and seize the moment on his way to Elimination Chamber. I can’t lose AJ yells.



AJ takes the initiative and corners Kofi. Charge towards him but Kingston dodges and goes on the attack. Styles connects a Suplex and dominates again. Kofi flies over AJ towards ringside. Xavier plays the trombone until Omos grabs his neck and throws him in a brutal Chokeslam to the other side of the barricade. The referee kicks Omos out of ringside. AJ takes advantage of the distraction of the moment to attack Kofi’s knee. After the commercials, Kofi connects the SOS but is slow to continue due to the pain in his leg. AJ continues to attack Kofi’s knee, Kingston seeks height and launches himself at AJ. Phenomenal Forearm and count of three. Kofi Kingston is eliminated.


The champion lunges and leads AJ to the corner. McIntyre lands a powerful Suplex and kicks AJ’s face. After commercials Drew continues to dominate with his power. The action continues at ringside, where Drew throws AJ against the metal steps. Drew’s Michinoku Driver for a count of two. Drew’s Alabama Slam, who measures AJ to finish it. Charge towards him but AJ responds with a Dropkick and then another to get him out of the ring.

AJ iron to ringside and they both lie there. Styles gets up and connects a Sliding Knee from the apron. It boosts and jumps with a Forearm on the champion. Drew jumps from the corner and AJ receives him with a flying kick. AJ stops Drew’s attack with a Calf Crusher. Drew escapes and after throwing AJ against the ropes he connects the Claymore.
AJ Styles is eliminated.


Jeff arrives with energy and connects the Whisper in the Wind for the count of two. Drew attacks when returning from commercials and connects his Suplex. Drew’s neck breaker, challenging Jeff to get up. Does Hardy connect his ć? Classic kicks to the floor and a Splash for the count of two.

Future Shock DDT for Jeff and a count of two. Suplex for Jeff at ringside. Drew takes Jeff into the ring, hits him, and goes for him to apply a Superplex. Jeff escapes on the count of three. Twist of Fate from Jeff to Drew. Swanton Bomb but McIntyre receives him with his knees. Drew’s Claymore for a count of three.
Jeff Hardy is eliminated. Randy Orton faces the champion now.