Roman Reigns is the first to step into the ring, accompanied by Paul Heyman. He says he wants to make something very clear. He says that when he says that the Billboard is subject to change only the weak get nervous since they do not believe that they put enough energy to secure a place.

Call Adam Pearce coward, claiming non-existent pain to avoid facing it. Roman says his back hurts too, from all the time he has had to carry the business behind his back. Adam goes up to the ring and tells him that all this is out of control, and Roman tells him that he should not even have the right to speak since he has not fought in more than five years. He also adds that surely for those excuses, they are the reasons why he has never wrestled in WWE. Paul laughs and Adam blurts out that maybe he can take Roman’s provocation, but that Heyman has nothing to do here. Paul says he can defend himself too, and faces him, himself, in a fight tonight.

Throughout the night, Sami Zayn remains chained to the side of the catwalk, demanding justice and remembering that he is the rightful Intercontinental Champion.

Asuka and Charlotte Flair vs Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan (with Billie Kay)
Charlotte starts with a lock around her neck that knocks Ruby down, then takes her with a snap mare to Asuka for a hip attack. Charlotte follows the corner with a hammer and then takes Ruby out of the ring. He tries to attack Billie, but Liv gives him a dropkick from ringside, to continue with iron.

Returning from commercials, Liv pulls out a hurricanrana and then gives Flair a left foot. Charlotte responds with chops and a crossed suplex to Liv. After a backbreaker, he makes the tag to Asuka, who applies a cross-kick, Liv manages to dodge a scissor kick so that Ruby steals the tag and goes for a roll-up. However, Billie accidentally distracts the referee, who doesn’t count. Asuka manages to get out, to apply a jawbreaker, and have Flair finish Ruby with a Natural Selection.

Winners: Charlotte Flair and Asuka via pinfall.

Backstage, Billie Kay apologizes to Liv and Ruby, telling them that she has already entered both of them in the Royal Rumble women’s match. Ruby tells him that he is nothing against her, but thinks he better not team up with Liv and her anymore.

Daniel Bryan is the next to step into the ring, and he says that on two Sundays, one of WWE’s greatest traditions will be celebrated again: The Royal Rumble match. He admits that for him, the adrenaline of entering, having to resist, and having no idea who is even close to entering and makes him feel alive.

He says he is very proud of his career, but if there is one thing he has not been able to achieve, it is to win a Royal Rumble match. Cesaro comes out to interrupt him, reminding him that he beat him last week and that he will be the one who will be victorious at the Royal Rumble. Daniel challenges him to a fight, but Dolph Ziggler interrupts him, asking to be the one to face Cesaro.

Dolph Ziggler vs Cesaro

The fight goes to the canvas, where both exchanges keys. Ziggler applies an elbow and sleeper hold, but the Swiss make it hit the post. Follow with takedown and King of Swing, Count of two for Dolph, who then dodges a lunge to return to exchange roll-ups. Zig-Zag and Cesaro come out in two. Dolph tries a new lock, but Cesaro transitions to whip, blocks a Superkick, and applies the Neutralizer.

Winner: Cesaro via pinfall.

Reginald (with Carmella) vs. Sasha Banks

Reginald begins by offering his cheek to Sasha, who slaps him twice. He continues with an arm drag, but Reginald manages to stay upright with a stunt. Sasha chases him out of the ring and tries to ram him against the steps.

Reginald manages to jump and at the last moment jumps to avoid the collision. Sasha’s dropkick, and he goes for a roll-up, but Reginald flips out again, exiting the ring. Sasha’s Meteora, who takes the opportunity to take Carmella’s glass of sparkling wine. Returning to the ring, Banks exchanges hold with Reginald, until submitting him with a Bank Statement.

Winner: Sasha Banks via submission.

Backstage, Paul congratulates Roman for provoking Adam into a fight at night, and he can’t wait for Roman to tear him apart. Roman says he will do nothing, and hopes that Paul will fight his own battles.

Fight for the WWE Intercontinental Championship
Apollo Crews vs Big E
Big E begins with a suplex and belly drop, but Apollo responds with a scissor kick and two German suplexes. Elbow from Big E, who applies a urinary. Apollo steps out into the ring, dodges a Big E lariat, then gets on the perimeter and flips him back.

They both fight in the post. Big E unleashes fists, and Apollo heads him back. He flies with a dropkick, but when he tries to maintain the initiative, Sami breaks free of his handcuffs, giving each competitor a Helluva Kick.

Winner: Apollo Crews via disqualification.

Sami leaves the ring screaming that both Big E and Apollo deserved what he just did.

From his car, Kevin Owens explains the origin of the tattoos on his knuckles, which represent the initials of his grandparents, and regrets that they passed away before he reaches WWE. He swears by them that he will continue to fight for his family and that at Royal Rumble, he will defeat Roman Reigns.

The Street Profits meet Sonya Deville, who was talking to Dolph Ziggler.

They give him a welcome gift for his new job as a vice manager and demand a rematch against Ziggler and Roode for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships. Sonya responds that of course.

They deserve a rematch, it just doesn’t seem like a good idea to do tonight, as Montez Ford is still hurting from an ankle injury. He tells them they better stay calm, having fun backstage, until he can heal. Sonya then leaves, and the Profits exchange glances with obvious frustration.

Bayley explains to Bianca Belair the rules of the obstacle course she has challenged her to. It consists of flipping a tire, tripping, jumping walls, carrying Chad Gable, and then making a basket. Bayley does the course in a minute twelve, and modifies the circuit for Bianca, changing the trips for race obstacles, and instead of charging Chad, Belair must carry Otis. Bianca manages to complete the tasks and beat Bayley by more than fifteen seconds. When he’s done, Bayley throws the basketball at him, and he kicks it on the ground.

Dominik Mysterio vs Baron Corbin

Corbin wins a headlock and sends Dominik against the cornerback. He continues with a shove but receives a hurricanrana from Dominik. The fight goes to ringside, where he regains the initiative with a lariat.

He stomps on Dominik’s chest and then hits him with a hammer. He goes through the End of Days, but Mysterio gets away to lock his knee and position him for a 619. Corbin takes his legs, to give him an elbow, and now he connects the End of Days.

Winner: Baron Corbin via pinfall.

Paul Heyman vs. Adam Pearce

Before the fight begins, Heyman pretends to slip and injure his ankle, Adam calls him a coward, and Paul reminds him of the same thing Pearce said last week: “The Billboard is subject to change and is Roman who comes out to face him. He gives a Superman Punch to Adam, who takes him out to ringside. Roman goes up the steps, and Adam anticipates with a punch. Kick in the lower area of ​​Roman, which begins to impact Adam against the barricade and screens of the Thunderdome.

Kevin Owens, hooded, appears to help Pearce. He starts exchanging jabs with Roman, then hits him with a Stunner in the center of the ring. Despite the referees trying to separate him, he pushes his way between them to keep kicking Roman.

End of the stream.