Royal Rumble Winners Edge And Bianca Belair Will Be In Attendance Tonight.

Roman Reigns opens the show, accompanied by Paul Heyman and Jey Uso. Roman takes the floor and says that while he does not like to repeat things, he remembers that he beat Kevin Owens at the Royal Rumble. But enough about the past, let’s talk about the future. Apparently, my future is Edge, says the Universal Champion. Reigns consider himself the main event, so he thinks Edge will go for him. He wonders why he wasted time on RAW and NXT when he should be at his feet, begging for a match with him. Where the hell is Edge? He asks Heyman.

Will you keep me waiting? He adds. Paul calls for the music and fireworks from Edge’s entrance, but nothing happens. Reigns start to get annoyed. You don’t want to wait or play with Edge. The last person who wanted to play with me was Kevin Owens and he’s not here anymore because I kicked his ass, says the Head of the Table. You have to understand this because it is your only chance. You’re going to give me your decision at the end of the night, Reigns shoots and leaves the ring. Dominik Mysterio goes out with his father for the next fight. King Corbin attacks Rey and Dominik Mysterio.

Dominik Mysterio Vs. King Corbin

Corbin takes control and hits Dominik against the canvas. Meanwhile, Rey Mysterio is treated near the ramp. Corbin maintains control with elbows and a key. Corbin taunts Dominik as he continues to attack. Dominik manages to get Corbin out of the ring and flies over him. Rey reaches ringside despite being beaten. Returning from the break, Dominik kneels out of a Vertical Suplex and goes on the attack.

Standing Moonsault and two counts about Corbin. From the top rope, Dominik avoids a right hand and takes Corbin out of the ring. Fly over him to crash him against the commentary table and return to the ring. From below the ring, Rey grabs Corbin’s leg to prevent him from coming back. Dominik takes the opportunity to connect a 619 and Splash for the victory.
Winner: Dominik Mysterio.

Kayla Braxton interview with Big E. The Intercontinental Champion says he has fought his entire life and is ready to face Apollo Crews and Sami Zayn.

Daniel Bryan Vs. Cesaro

Daniel takes the initiative of the fight managing to connect several kicks and taking Cesaro out of the ring. Yes Kicks for Cesaro when he returned to the ring. Bryan avoids an Uppercut and reverses with Backslide for the count of two. Cesaro applies several Uppercuts but Daniel turns to close the Armbar first and Yeslock later.

Cesaro escapes and knees Bryan’s back. Cesaro bleeds from a cut on his head. Hard kick from Bryan and another count of two. Cesaro reverses a Knee Strike with Torture Rack that passes Backbreaker from that position. Giant Swing for Daniel and Sharpshooter. Bryan gives up!
Winner: Daniel Bryan.

After the match, Cesaro approaches Daniel Bryan and they bump fists as a sign of respect. Summary of the women’s Royal Rumble match. Kayla Braxton introduces Bianca Belair. Before interviewing her, show her parents’ reaction to Bianca’s victory. My family has been here through thick and thin, I wanted them to feel proud of me and I felt they were by my side, says Belair. Kayla asks which champion she will face at Wrestlemania. Bianca is very excited and says she will announce her decision soon.

Seth Rollins Will Return To Smackdown Next Week.

Bayley vs. Ruby Riott (w / Liv Morgan)Billie Kay joins the commentary table. Ruby lands a big kick and searches for the account without success. Riott continues to attack Bayley, who pushes her and seeks refuge on the ropes. Bayley catches Ruby over her shoulder and throws her head-on into the cornerback guard. Bayley looks for height but Riott knocks her down with an Arm Drag. Bayley goes on the attack and looks for a key on Ruby’s arm. Billie runs to try to help Ruby, but Liv stops her. Riott escapes from the key but receives a Snapmare Driver for the count of three.
Winner: Bayley.

Bianca Belair comes out to the ring. Winning the Royal Rumble has changed her life, and she tells what these days have been like for her. Choosing my opponent for Wrestlemania is the biggest decision of my career, he acknowledges. Highlights Asuka and Sasha Banks, Raw and Smackdown champion respectively. Reginald interrupts her to ask her for some advice. He thinks he can beat Asuka, but not Sasha Banks. You know well that you can’t beat Sasha, not even Carmella, says, Reginald. Carmella joins the conversation. Remember he beat Sasha Banks twice, and despite all the hype around Bianca, he can’t say the same.

Sasha Banks comes out on stage. You want to stop looking back and focus on the future. He says that Bianca has caught his attention and highlights his participation in the last two Royal Rumble. “I’ve been watching you, I know you are the strongest. I know you are the fastest. But … the best? I don’t think so,” Banks says and laughs. The champion stands defiantly against Belair in the middle of the ring. Bianca goes to answer but Reginald gets in the way. “If you decide to face Sasha, you’re going to lose, as I told you,” he says before Bianca attacks him.

Paul Heyman Confirms To Roman Reigns That Edge Has Arrived.

Kayla tries to interview Sami Zayn, but Sami quickly takes control. Accompanied by his cameramen, Sami says that tonight he will recover the Intercontinental Championship.

Chad Gable & Otis Vs. Dolph Ziggler Vs. Robert Roode

The Street Profits watch and comment on the match from another location. Gable and Ziggler begin the match. Relay for Roode, who applies a great Suplex to Chad but does not achieve victory. Chad manages to escape and take over for Otis to overwhelm the opponents. Caterpillar for Roode and Gable returns to the ring. Ziggler attacks Otis as he leaves but Chad connects the Chaos Theory on him. Roode’s Glorious DDT for a count of three.
Winners: Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode.

WWE shows a video that recalls the historic match of Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant.

Fight For The Intercontinental Championship

Big E (c) vs. Sami Zayn vs. Apollo Crews
Big E controls the ring for a moment. Apollo applies three large German Suplexes but it is not enough. Big E responds and applies Splashes from corner to corner. He looks for momentum from one side of the ring but Sami takes it from outside to stop him. Big E takes care of him, Apollo takes advantage and flies over E. Moonsault from Apollo to E, Sami propels himself up the steps to attack Apollo before the break. Upon returning, Sami makes E collide with the cornerback. He tries to lift the champion but cannot. Apollo flies the Missile Dropkick that Big E dodges in time for them to connect Zayn.

Belly to Belly from E to his rivals. E is trusting and Sami takes the opportunity to search for a Sleeperhold. E runs from rope to rope to apply Splash to his challengers. Apollo’s Enziguri Step Up, but Big E takes him out of the ring and applies Uranage to Sami afterward. Splash from Crews to Sami that almost gives him the victory. Big E applies a Suplex to Apollo as he grabbed Sami, causing the two to fly around the ring. Helluva Kick Big E. Crews take Sami out of the ring! Sami becomes enraged and hit Apollo. Crews respond with heavy blows and throw Sami into the Timekeeper area. Apollo returns to the ring and receives the Big Ending.
Winner: Big E.