Last Tuesday, fans of Gigi and Bella Hadid had a very difficult time recognizing the models if, by chance, they went out for a walk in New York and ran into them taking a routine walk. A droll that, luckily or unfortunately for the young women, was captured by the paparazzi, who accompany them wherever they want them to go. This is one of the main ‘handicaps’ of being two of the highest paid models on the globe, especially for Gigi, who has shown over the years that she is a strong defender of her private space.

A routine that is impossible not to interest: her husband is Zayn Malik , her sister Bella Hadid, her ex- brother-in-law The Weekend and her current brother-in-law, Anwar, is nothing more and nothing less than Dua Lipa – can you imagine a Christmas dinner in that house? So when the mannequin goes out with her newborn daughter, she tries to be as discreet as possible.

So much so that this week, during the aforementioned walk with her sister and daughter – whose name we still don’t know , despite the fact that she was born last September – the models opted for a ‘total black look’ that would seem like incognito. Impenetrable dark sunglasses, hats, masks and long black coats that would camouflage their figure were the tools they used to try to go unnoticed. Although who are we going to fool, it is precisely due to the striking ‘outfit’, in which the skin is barely visible, the reason why passers-by would have turned around to analyze them. Girls, that’s 1st year ‘celebrity’.

Of course, the ‘looks’ are a real joy. Gigi, pushing the cart through the Big Apple, wore a vast fur coat, military boots, matching bag, and a matching mask. On the other hand, Bella opted for a leather maxi-garter in the purest Matrix style – a trend that is currently very much in vogue -, patterned trousers and a scarf that covered her mask. Above, a woolen hat.

This is a little outfit that we are going to aim for one day when we try to go ‘discreet, but not much’. How are the Hadid, eternal sources of inspiration.