World Trigger Season 3

In “World Trigger,” science fiction anime, the Mikado City community adjusts to new life four years after an attack by “Neighbors,” a group of monster-like humans. They are initially powerless to stop the threat. However, the Border, or National Defense Agency, arrives to defend the community using Neighbor technology, called “Triggers.” Triggers make use of Trion, energy from within the body that can be used to enhance the user’s strength and act as a weapon. Mikado City adapts to Border and Neighbors and soon many young people will be competing for a spot at Border where they can train and fight.

Daisuke Ashihara wrote and illustrated the original manga series. Toei Animation created the first anime adaptation of World Trigger in 2014. The series consists of 73 episodes and covers five different story arcs. The 2014 anime was not popular with some manga fans. However, the series was redeemed in 2021 by the release of a second season. It featured 12 episodes. The quality of the anime has increased and many fans have appreciated the new season’s attention. An Anime News Network review praised the fact that “the largely newly hired staff has revamped the color and design work for better results, as well a quantum leap forward with direction and storyboarding.”

A third season of “World Trigger”, the highly anticipated Season 2, is now available. And it will arrive much sooner than you may think. We have everything we know so far regarding “World Trigger Season 3”.

World Trigger Season 3 Release Date

Season 3 of World Trigger, which was announced before season 2, carries high expectations. Season 2 ran for only 12 episodes. Season 1 had a very long run. Season 2 ran for just 12 episodes. Fans are even more impatient than before.

World Trigger Season 3

The showrunners announced the release date at the Anime Japan 2020 event. The show will be available sometime in October 2021. We don’t have an official release date but the fact that it will be out in Fall 2021 should suffice to keep the fans waiting, or at least, we hope so.

What characters will appear in the third season of World Trigger?

“World Trigger,” centers on four main characters Osamu Mizumoto, Yuma Kuga, and Chika Amatori. Osamu is an honest high school student and joined Border as a way of protecting his friend Chika from the Neighbors. Osamu initially doesn’t have the skills to combat or train in weapons, but he is determined and becomes the Captain for Tamakoma Second. Osamu is accompanied by Chika who, despite Osamu’s attempts to protect her from harm, doesn’t need any help and can fight off the Neighbors just as well. Although timid, Chika can be a skilled sniper. She hopes to move up in the Border ranks.

Yuma is an Osamu/Chika student who arrived at Osamu/Chika’s school in Season 1 of “World Trigger”. Yuma, a short, shockingly white-haired Neighbor, arrives in Mikado City through a gate. This is a secret Yuma attempts to keep hidden as long as possible. Yuma is soon a valuable Border member and is equipped with one of the Black Triggers. The Black Triggers are a powerful weapon that can be used to combat more vicious Neighbors. Yuichi is also a Tamakoma Branch member. His seemingly relaxed demeanor conceals a sharp mind. Yuichi has experienced the dangers of Neighbors firsthand and is now able to appreciate and help those like Yuma.