Wonder Woman 1984, the sequel about the DC super hero ,Its arrival in theaters has served to reveal some of the questions that fans of the saga were asking about its plot. One of the most talked-about is how Steve Trevor ( Chris Pine ) returns from the dead in the 80s after sacrificing himself in Wonder Woman. In turn, the return of this character has also revealed the mysterious role of Kristoffer Polaha in the film.

Polaha’s signing for Wonder Woman 1984 was known in November 2018. At that time it was not specified which character the Castle and Mad Men actor would play in the sequel. And after the release of the film, it is clear why the studio wanted to keep it a secret because his appearance in the film has a lot to do with the return of Steve Trevor.

It all begins when a mysterious contraption arrives at the Smithsonian, Diana, and Barbara Minerva / Cheetah’s ( Kristen Wiig ) workplace. This stone grants a wish to whoever touches it and the protagonist asks that Steve Trevor return to her life. The World War I pilot returns but does so in the body of another man, whom Polaha gives life.

What’s more, in their first meeting during a party, the film shows Polaha until Diana realizes that she really is her old love. From then on and except for a few seconds in the reflection of a mirror, it is Pine who appears on the screen. Only at the end, after having let go of her partner and when Diana is walking alone down the street, she meets this man again, who does not remember what happened to him while Steve Trevor was inside her body.

Will we see Polaha again in Wonder Woman 3? Taking into account that the director Patty Jenkins has advanced that the third installment of the superheroine will be a “contemporary story”, it is more than likely that Polaha, due to the jump in time, will not return in the future film.