The iPhone 12 Pro Max is the most powerful smartphone of the year 2020. Currently, this phone is a top-class phone for all Apple users in the world. The flagship phone is often a luxury product. In such a situation, if any user thinks of taking this phone online, then he is already alert about online fraud because the price of this phone is more than 1 lakh rupees. But a Chinese woman became a victim of online fraud while buying this phone.

In exchange for the amount the woman paid to buy the iPhone 12 Pro Max, she got an apple yogurt flavored drink in the box, which she was surprised to see. The woman said that she spent more than $ 1500 to buy the iPhone 12 Pro Max and bought this product from the Apple website. In such a situation, he did not even understand how this happened to him despite buying from the official website.

This Was The Case

The woman said that when she had chosen the option of home delivery and asked to deliver in the parcel locker of the place where she lives. Apple and Express Mail Service said that the phone was delivered to the location given by the woman. Liu said that during delivery, he never thought he would get a drink instead of Apple’s phone. The case has been registered with the local police station.

Apple And Local Courier Company Are Investigating The Case

Let us tell you that many such cases have been reported so far where Apple’s devices have been stolen. In such a situation, the Apple and Local Courier Company is currently investigating the matter.