The Walking Dead Season 11

As Fear, The Walking Dead season 6 proceeds, early zombie fans are awaiting The Walking Dead season 11 which, as has been known for a while, is going to be the final in the series. However don’t panic, fresh spin-offs are already in preparation, and they will be diffused after the end of the main series of that here is all of the info.

Release Date

The season premiere in 2 episodes of season 11 of The Walking Dead is going to be aired on August 22 on AMC in the USA. It will mark the start of the broadcast of this first part of season 11 – therefore 8 episodes because the last season is going to be broken into 3 parts of 8 episodes each. It’ll be required to wait until 2022 for the air of seasons 11B and 11C.

Will The Walking Dead Season 11 Be Available On Netflix?

For the time being, 10 seasons of The Walking Dead are available on Netflix – knowing that for season 10, just the 16 classic episodes are on the platform and that there are no additional dates for them however. 6 bonus episodes. No date for when season 11 will be added, but it can be presumed that it will combine well all of the seasons when the deadlines for broadcast and manipulation rights have passed.

Will Rick Grimes Be Back In Season 11 Of The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead Season 11

Except for the large spoiler and change of plan on the part of AMC, no, Rick Grimes won’t be in season 11. Andrew Lincoln left the series midway through Season 9 and will return in a trilogy of AMC-signed movies that will chronicle what has happened to Rick since his CRM kidnapping. To maintain the plots consistently, so there are the minimal possibility that Rick will land in Alexandria. The same is true for Michonne (Danai Gurira), that left the show at the end of season 10. Although AMC has yet to give confirmation, we are hopeful that she will be seen alongside Rick again in one of the films.

Does Season 11 Have A Trailer?

The official trailer hasn’t yet been released by AMC, but many promo videos and teasers have been released because you can see them below.

Will The Walking Dead Season 11 Be On OCS?

Since the series is going to be broadcast on August 22 on AMC, in France we are going to be able to discover the very first installment of season 11 on OCS from August 23 on demand and also in US + 24 broadcast on OCS Choc on Monday, August 23.

Will There Be A Season 12 Of The Walking Dead?

As previously mentioned, Season 11 of The Walking Dead is going to be the last of the original series.

How Many The Walking Dead Spin-offs Are There?

The franchise already has 3 series in the air: The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead, and The Walking Dead World Beyond. To these show will be formally added a spin-off (for the moment untitled) on Daryl and Carol scheduled for 2023, and the series Tales of the Walking Dead, an anthology series that will explore the individual history of existing characters. And brand new characters.