Are you ready for Another part of the Shadow and Bone story? Of course, you’re! Sadly, Shadow and Bone Season 2 is not coming in May 2021.

In all honesty, this information shouldn’t be surprising. Shadow and Bone Season 1 only just came out in April 2021. Netflix does not discharge two seasons in one calendar year in the majority of instances. Ordinarily, it’s two parts of a single season within a calendar year.

At the exact same time, we do not know if Shadow and Bone Season 2 is occurring. There are reports, but there’s nothing confirmed from Netflix just yet. We can not find the series being canceled, but then The Irregulars was abruptly canceled despite reports of it being renewed.

So, right now, we’re looking at the potential future of Shadow and Bone. The second season is definitely not coming this month.

Will Shadow And Bone Season 2 Come In 2021?

Will there be a chance we’ll see the new season this year? Likely not!

Not only does it need to be renewed first, but it then must undergo pre-production, creation, and post-production. It took quite a while solely for the very first season to reach, so we definitely won’t see the second season before the end of 2021.

We are likely looking at June 2022 as the oldest. It typically takes 14–18 months between seasons on Netflix. We might have to wait until nearer to the end of 2022 to make sure the post-production staff has time to get everything just right. This is one of those shows where it is going to be well worth the wait.

The Shadow and Bone Season 1 finale certainly left us with plenty of questions. The Shadow Fold is still around, with Alina needing to learn to control her powers more to be prepared to take it down. She and Mal have gone off to their own adventure while the Crows go on their own. Then there is the Darkling who is definitely still residing.