Despite numerous movie premieres going on to streaming platforms, in theory, this may not be the case with Top Gun: Maverick and this is often why.
You already know that thanks to the Coronavirus, the movie industry has had to rethink many things about its operation, starting with the new measures imposed on filming, or the delay of premieres until more cinemas can open safely.

The situation has led many of the good premieres to travel on to streaming, as happened as Mulan or Soul, or to choose a “hybrid” premiere, releasing the film simultaneously in cinemas and on streaming platforms, like and the way Warner plans to try to to with Matrix 4 or Dune. However, not all studios have joined this plan and a few have chosen to continue reserving their releases, like Avatar 2 or Jurassic World: Dominion.

In particular, there are two films that Paramount has chosen to order. mission 7 and Top Gun: Maverick, and therefore the reason seems to be the studio’s relationship with Tom Cruise. Despite the very fact that the studio has sold most of its premieres for the year, like the sequel to The Prince of Zamunda, they need not wanted to risk their good relations with Tom Cruise himself and therefore the actor’s production company.

Paramount would have received significant offers from Netflix and Apple to accumulate the distribution rights to Top Gun: Maverick, but it seems that the studio won’t release the film on its streaming service, Paramount +. additionally, given the budget of the sequel to Top Gun, the studio would like to continue delaying the discharge of the film until theaters again allow greater capacity to realize an adequate collection at the box office. Top Gun: Maverick is predicted to finally hit theaters within us on July 2 of this year.