woman in blue denim jacket wearing eyeglasses

We all know that UV rays are harmful to our eyes, skin, and entire being. Thanks to Ozone layer depletion, today, we are vulnerable to UV rays more than ever. Hence, each of us must protect our eyes, irrespective of age. Many parents wonder whether it is okay to let their kids use sunglasses, and the simple answer is yes, it is absolutely safe. In fact, parents should encourage their children to wear sunglasses early on because protecting their young eyes from getting damaged is the best way to ensure a healthy life for them.

There is a lot of difference between the eyes of an adult and a kid. UV radiation tends to pass through young eyes more, as the still-developing tissues fail to filter out UV rays, thus damaging the soft eye cells. So, if your little one loves to spend a lot of their time outside playing in the sun and dirt, always hand them funky and fashionable kids’ sunglasses to help them protect their eyes.

Here are some of the most critical reasons why children should use sunglasses.

  • Sunlight can lead to eye problems and complications

Prolonged exposure to sunlight can lead to nasty eye complications such as cataracts, skin cancer around the eyes, pterygium, photokeratitis, and photo conjunctivitis. Irritation caused due to inflammation of cells can be very painful for your young one. Conditions like cataracts, skin cancer near the eye socket, pterygium, and more take time to develop. But once they do, your child’s life can become hell because cells fail to repair themselves. Pterygium is the abnormal cell division caused due to UV radiation. It grows as a red triangular blotch near the cornea that gradually creeps up to the pupil and beyond, giving rise to eye irritation and blurry vision. So, help your child steer clear of all the pain and uneasiness by asking them to wear sunglasses whenever they go out in the sun.

  • Sunglasses reduce the chances of eye infection

For children who love to play outdoor, sunglasses help them avoid eye infections; how? Children put their unwashed hands into their eyes, thereby increasing their vulnerability to eye infections. Sunglasses will keep the eyes protected and allow fewer dirt particles to get into the eyes; this means bye, eye itching!

  • Sunglasses protect the skin around the eyes

Yes, applying sunscreen has become a must because it prevents our skin from the harmful effects of the UV rays. But, usually, kids, as well as adults, refrain from using sunscreen around their eyes because sunscreen can lead to a stinging sensation if it gets into the eyes. Sunglasses that provide proper UV protection will not allow the skin around the eyes to get exposed to the sun. Hence, the chances of developing skin cancer around the eyes decrease tenfold.

  • Sunglasses help shield from eye strain

If your kid spends long hours out in the sun, not wearing sunglasses will force them to squint to see properly in excessive bright sunlight. Prolonged squinting can lead to flexing the muscles surrounding the eyes too, which leads to unnecessary straining. Eye strain is a common cause of headaches and further possible complications in eye health. Wearing sunglasses thereby acts as a protection against eye strain.

  • Sunglasses are trendy

Allow your kids to choose the sunglasses they would love to wear because when it comes to fashion, even kids want to look cool. If they select their own sunglasses, they will wear the necessary accessories frequently, plus the process of sunglasses shopping is fun. So, if you are worried about your child’s health, show them the bright sides of using sunglasses. Precaution is better than cure. So, ensure your child’s well-being from the very beginning. However, if you are interested in choosing the right sunglasses for your precious one, visit the oculist and get an eye examination done. The professionals will evaluate your child’s eyesight to determine whether they need prescription lenses or not.

Using sunglasses can help ensure the long-term well-being of the eyes. So, considering their various protective features, sunglasses should be made a part of daily life, at least for kids who have to go out regularly.