Although Chabelo, a character played by the actor and comedian Xavier López Rodríguez , is very popular in Mexico and several parts of Latin America, because in addition to the program he conducted between 1967 and 2015, it is currently common to see him as a trend on social networks and in numerous funny memes and content , few people know where their nickname comes from .

This nickname came to him during his first foray into the small screen, when he worked as a production assistant at Televicentro in the mid-fifties and an actor did not attend the musical Carrusel program , which was headed by Ramiro Gamboa, El tío Gamboín .

The absent actor had to impersonate a child for a comedic skit, so Lopez was asked to help perform the number. In his impromptu appearance, he told a joke from a book , where the boy in the book was called Chabelo , and since then he has kept that nickname.

” In a book in which the head of that program that took place in these facilities decides, a program called Musical Carousel , where he was in charge of that program, as a host, who was my father for 8 years (Ramiro Gamboa ) “, the presenter recalled during an interview with Adela Micha.

And it was with this alias that, on November 26, 1967, Xavier began the program that brought him a lot of recognition and two Guinness Records – for the longest time as a host of a children’s program and for the longest time with a character – : Family with Chabelo .