Why "13 REASON WHY" Won't Get Another Season


After long stretches of discussion, the arrangement finale of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why may feel long past due, however devotees of the hit adolescent dramatization may, in any case, be eager for additional.

(The arrangement has been floating at the highest point of Netflix’s moving rundown after its fourth season was delivered on June 5.) However, showrunner Brian Yorkey felt the show was bound to be a “four-season story” almost immediately.

“So when by one way or another secondary school shows become seven and eight seasons in length, don’t misunderstand me I watch them all, yet I will, in general, get somewhat dubious of something that started as a secondary school show.


Furthermore, it seemed like carrying these characters to their graduation and to dissipating to their next things felt like the consistent closure point.

So for quite a while, the thought has been, should we be so fortunate to have the chance, we would complete four periods of this.

Update So Far

This last season closes with the leads graduating Liberty High, yet tragically for 13RW fans, Yorkey shut down the possibility of a school side project as well.

13RW, a variation of Jay Asher’s YA epic of a similar name, first debuted in 2017. The dim adolescent dramatization follows the death of secondary school understudy Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford), who gives up secretive tapes after she bites the dust by self-destruction.

Cast individuals like Langford and leader maker Selena Gomez have recognized the backfire while crediting the arrangement for handling “significant issues.” Last year, Netflix altered out Hannah’s demise scene from Season 1.

Embarrassments aside, the stars—which additionally incorporate Dylan Minnette, Ross Butler, and Alisha Boe—have said farewell to the hit arrangement a sincere with a sweet in the background video reporting a portion of their last minutes on set.