The Circle Season 2

After three months of The Circle, Season 2 wraps up this week with only 1 episode. Together with the final standing determining the winner, the remaining contestants see each other face to face, revealing three profiles to be catfish. This spoiler-filled recap of the finale goes into some of the logistics of the final ranking, the way the players responded to the truth and also the winner of Netflix’s The Circle Season 2.

How Did Everyone Rank Each Other On The Circle?

With The Circle Season two wrapped up, there was one final position for the remaining players: Chloe, Trevor, River, Courtney and John. While not all the positions were shown, the last episode shows Chloe’s number one is Trevor, who she had developed feelings. Trevor puts Chloe because his number one; however, he doesn’t feel exactly like he’s a catfish named DeLessa, and she’s using her husband’s photograph to pose as Trevor.

Meanwhile, River selects Courtney because his number one since they have one of the strongest alliances; nonetheless, Courtney chooses John because his number one since he thinks putting River too high will hurt his chances. Ultimately, John – Jack and Lisa – unintentionally repay the favor by standing Courtney second.

How Did The Circle Contestants React To Meeting Each Other?

The Circle Season 2

Ahead of the rankings are shown, the finalists meet face to face, with Chloe and Trevor seeing each other first. Even though Chloe had serious feelings for Trevor, she and DeLessa get together well despite the deception, which DeLessa feels bad about. Courtney is next, and he reveals he didn’t believe Trevor would be DeLessa, and she reveals she was plotting against him, which he suspected. Meanwhile, Chloe understood Courtney needed to be who he was, and DeLessa knew Chloe was consistently honest about himself.

Next in is River, who DeLessa functioned as a catfish, but she did not expect him to become Lee, who is a sweet elderly man and author. Lee admits that he was the key influencer who sent Mitchell house, and Courtney finally shows that he had been the Joker this entire time. Last but not least. John comes in, showing himself to be just two previously removed catfish, Jack and Lisa. It hasn’t happened before on the show, so everyone was taken by surprise.

Who Won The Circle Season 2?

After everyone has matched, the results are in, and Jack and Lisa are blocked after more as John, coming in at fifth. River, despite being adored by all the rest players, comes in at fourth. While Courtney played a tactical match as the Joker, he comes from third. They might not be a couple, but Chloe – the only girl in the entire season left position who played as herself – and”Trevor,” would be the last two.

Chloe was upfront about herself throughout most of the show. Meanwhile, DeLessa tried to be herself as far as she could while catfishing as one father. In the end, DeLessa wins as Trevor, and she hopes to spend that cash on a home for her little girl and husband, thus ending The Circle Season 2 on a tearful but heartwarming note.