The Circle is an American reality show that is based on a British TV show of the same name. Hence it is often called The Circle US. Studio Lambert and Motion Content Group produce the show. The show presenter is Michelle Buteau. After seeing the success of the show, Netflix will be releasing its France and Brazil version soon. It is a combination of popular Big Brother and Catfish. The Circle created quite an impression since it came on Netflix. A year after season one, people still talk about this show. The show is addictive and fans cannot wait for season two. Let’s get to details on season 2 then.

Release DateĀ 

There are some good news for fans. The Circle received renewal not only for the second season but a third one too. Season one was released on New Years, January 1, 2020. The makers of the show were planning for a January 2021 release. However, the pandemic struck us and productions paused. Despite that, the filming of both season two and season three continued simultaneously. Although The Circle US Season 2 would release in the first quarter of 2021 we do not have a clear release date.


The format of the show involves isolation and hence the pandemic did not prove to be an obstacle for them. The constestants get selected through an open casting call from Netflix. The selected contestants move into one apartment building. There is a twist here. The participants do not meet each other before or during the show. They live in individual apartments. They can only interact on a specially-designed social media app. Participants can potray themselves on the app whichever way they wish to. They can be their true selves or ‘catfish’ the participants.

Now the next step in the show is to rate each other. The highest-rated players become ‘Influencers’. These people have the leverage to block any other player. Blocked players undergo elimination. But they are given the opportunity to meet one person still in the game face-to-face. The day after someone is blocked, a video message is shown to the others revealing whether they were being fake or real.

In the finale, players rate each other. The highest-rated contestant wins a grand-prize of US $100,000. Since the show revolves around social media, fans also have a chance to vote for the players. The Fan favourite also wins the US $10,000.


This time the show has also decided the twist of ‘online dating’. This is a commendable strategy to attract more followers. Because we all know how everyone wants to watch a good dating show, don’t we?