Who Killed Sara Season 3

Who Killed Sara? Natively known as ¿Quién mató a Sara? (Spanish) is a Muslim crime puzzle thriller series, which surfaced on Netflix on March 24, 2021. In virtually no time, it turned into the streamer’s most popular non-English name ever. Netflix amazed the fans when it fell the next season just a month or two after the first on May 19, 2021.

Created by José Ignacio Valenzuela, the puzzle thriller series revolves around Alex Guzman, who returns after 18 years of imprisonment for a crime he didn’t even commit. With 18 episodes done and dusted, the lovers have no clue about who killed Sara. The puzzle thriller has kept us on the edge of the seats with revelations that point to the fact that everybody could’ve murdered Sara — or no one ever did.

After binge-watching the next season of this show, fans are curious to know what lies ahead from the show. Will there be a third season of Who Killed Sara? So here’s everything that that you need to know about the future of this series.

What is the release date of Who Killed Sara Season 3?

If you made it to the end of the second season, there was great news awaiting you at the end of the credits of this eighth and last episode It’s Official: Another Season Is Coming, the Netflix screen said.

But that’s all fans know so far. There is no announcement by Netflix as to just how many episodes it will have (eight such as Season 2? Or 10 like Season 1?) And whether or not it’s going to address some of the problems put forth in the show up to now.

Considering that the show’s less-than-predictable trajectory, there’s also the matter of if the season will come out. The streaming giant did not make fans wait too long between Season 2 and 1, as it took them both consecutively under COVID-19 protocols. But it’s unclear how long fans might have to await the third season. The fact that Netflix greenlit it until the second season aired is good news, but there has been no news that the series has been in creation, which might indicate it’ll be a little longer between Season 2 and Season 3. You can probably expect it to come after in 2021 or 2022 sometime.

Who Killed Sara Season 3

Who Killed Sara? season 3 plot

Season two left the crowd on a true cliffhanger with plenty of questions to answer, but season three might offer answers to what went as Sara fell to her death.

What will be the cast of Season 3?

Given the dangling plot, you can expect the cast from previous seasons to return for Season 3. The lead character Álex Guzmán will reunite with Sara’s brother. The show is twisted in such a way that everyone resembles a suspect from Sara’s boyfriend (Rodolfo Lazcano) to his brother. Below are all the cast and characters expected to maintain the third season.

  • Manolo Cardona as Álex Guzmán
  • Alejandro Nones as Rodolfo Lazcano
  • Ximena Lamadrid as Sara Guzmán
  • Carolina Miranda as Elisa Lazcano
  • Eugenio Siller as José María “Chema” Lazcano
  • Fátima Molinisas as Clara
  • Ginés García Millán as César Lazcano
  • Claudia Ramírez as Mariana Lazcano
  • Juan Carlos Remolina as Sergio Hernández
  • Héctor Jiménez as Elroy
  • Litzy as Marifer
  • Luis Roberto Guzmán as Lorenzo Rossi
  • Ana Lucía Domínguez as Sofía
  • Iñaki Godoy as Bruno